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Made In India: Homegrown Haircare Brands That Deserve A Place On Your Bathroom Shelf

Made In India: Homegrown Haircare Brands That Deserve A Place On Your Bathroom Shelf

When it comes to taking care of our hair, how many of us can proudly say that we have a soft spot for Indian bands? Sure, bottles of globally acclaimed shampoos and conditioners look pretty sitting in our bathroom but why not toss them out for homegrown brands?

Indian hair is naturally silky and shiny and nobody understands its exact needs like desi brands! So, scroll down cause we’re listing our fav homegrown haircare brands today.

Indian Hair Care Brands That Are Worth Checking Out



Did you know that so many of the shampoos and conditioners that are sold in India contain harmful chemicals (carcinogens) that are actually banned in other countries?

If you are looking to adopt a chemical-free hair care routine, then Arata’s for you! From shampoos and conditioners to even hair styling gels, all of their products are vegan and plant-based. Also, that cute #InstaWorthy packaging that you’re eyeing is made from 100% recycled plastic. Definitely ticking all the right boxes here!

Bare Anatomy


If you are looking for YOUnique hair products that are specifically formulated in accordance with your hair and not what the aam janta is using too, then you have to check out Bare Anatomy.

Upon opening their website, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire and they will do a hair analysis to understand what your hair needs specifically. Just fill in your preferences and then enjoy your personalised hair care products once they get delivered!

Nature Tattva



Forget ready-to-use hair products as we’re talking about DIYs! Confused,? Well, don’t be.

Unlike all the other contenders, Nature’s Tattva offers DIY solutions to your hair. That’s right, all the raw materials you’ll need to create a homemade hair mask. Most of the products are made fresh and have a shelf life of up to 24 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to make so many hair masks! From bringraj to amla powder to different varieties of hair oils; it’s DIY time baby!




How many of you have tried to change your hair by cutting their own bangs or attempted to change your hair colour during lockdown? Well, almost all of us! Talking specifically about hair colours, most of us stay away from them as ‘harsh chemicals’ comes to our mind, right? Well, not any more as we’re telling you about a semi-permanent solution.

Paradyes is India’s first semi-permanent hair colour brand that promises to add a vibrant hue to your mane. The colours are ready to use and all you gotta do is open the packet and apply the dye to your mane directly. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to disappoint your mother even more, we say you add a pop of colour to our mane today!

The Earth Collective


If you’re looking for products that can maintain your hair’s health all day long, then you’ll be happy to know that the Earth Collective has your back. From hair serums to oils to leave-in conditioners, they have an array of products that improves your scalp’s health in no time! 


Switching to homegrown brands?

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06 May 2021

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