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On Our Radar: 6 Indian Skincare Alternatives For Popular International Products

On Our Radar: 6 Indian Skincare Alternatives For Popular International Products

It was sometime early in 2020 that I got introduced to a Caudalie Facial Oil, and my skin was obsessed, to say the least. As the red-hued glass bottle started to show signs of nearing the end, my skincare fanatic heart skipped a beat. I frantically started looking for international websites and dodgy Instagram pages that sell international beauty. I even had to reply to my friend in the U.S. whose text I’d left on ‘delivered’ for 3 weeks. Can you imagine the horror? Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and lockdowns all over the globe, I couldn’t get my hands on this gem of skincare.


I felt like an addict who was cold turkey stripped away from her addiction. My skincare withdrawal displayed symptoms in the form of dull skin. It was almost like my skin knew, and the sadness was evident. A couple more weeks into my unsolicited rehabilitation, my writer friend from one of my favourite magazines came bearing gifts. We would usually share our beauty PR products and this was my Christmas in hiding, for it led me to find the perfect alternative for my uber-expensive Caudalie addiction. The best part: this alternative was a product of an Indian brand. A moment of pride and relief, this incident sent me on an expedition to find Indian alternatives to popular international skincare. So my dearly beloved, here are a few of my finds:

Indian Skincare Alternatives To Global Faves

One In A Million Find

Extremely lightweight on the skin, this Indian alternative checks so many Caudalie points, it’s almost freaky. Both these goodies are suitable for sensitive skin and help repair dry, damaged, and dull skin. Intensely hydrating, both of these skincare items give your skin a hydration boost throughout the night for a morning of bright glory.

A New Favourite Incoming

I cannot be the only one who hated shelling almost twice the actual price of The Ordinary products while sourcing them from Insta shops, or in custom fees. Well, well, an Indian skincare brand, The Minimalist took it upon themselves to shower us with more affordable, and almost similar skincare alternatives to our favourite skincare splurges.

The Pink Moisturiser Of Your Dreams

Whether you got addicted to the Glow Recipe’s fresh pink watermelon moisturizer after Alia Bhatt announced that it was her favourite or from before that, we have news. Dot & Key has a retinol enriched night cream with strikingly similar consistency and hydration factors. And it also comes in the same cute pink colour!

Hydration Your Skin Craves For

If you are someone with an oily or combination skin type, I bet that you’re always on the lookout for the perfect hydrator that not only gets the job done but doesn’t feel greasy or oil on the skin. And if you have run into the Accoje Aqua Gel, and liked it, then you’re going to love Body Cupid’s Aqua Gel. The hyaluronic acid in it gives your skin intense hydration, while its lightweight gel-cream texture gets absorbed instantly into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue.

Bingo! An Alterative For The Holy Grail

Brownie points for you if you haven’t tried the Laneige sleeping mask, because let’s be honest, who hasn’t? And who HASN’T fallen in love with it? If you are also a victim of another skincare addiction, I have an Indian alternative that will give you equally luscious lip conditioning, on a smaller budget. This Earth Rythm Lip Masque deeply conditions the lips and gives you a gram-worthy pout for days.

Which Indian alternative will you be using now?

Featured Images: Instagram

24 Aug 2021

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