What Happened When I Spent The Night With My Bestie’s Boyfriend… Alone!

Nancy VargheseNancy Varghese  |  Sep 21, 2017
What Happened When I Spent The Night With My Bestie’s Boyfriend… Alone!

As happy as you want to be for your best friend, it hits you hard when you realize she has found herself a boyfriend who may actually love her as much as you do. I was a little insecure and jealous when my best friend found herself the perfect guy to love her for eternity.

What hurt worse? I was madly in love with him. The affectionate gaze with which he adored her, the way he behaved like a goof, the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed – it was torture. But I kept all my unrequited feelings bottled up tight, because I would rather die than see my best friend get hurt.

It was a torrential night, when the rains were lashing the city, and I was stranded in a mini grocery mart without a way to get back home. I called up my best friend, only to realize she was out of town for the weekend.

“But of course you can go to our place!”, she said over the phone. “Shiv will be there. Don’t be stupid and try to go all the way home in this weather! Spend the night at ours and leave tomorrow.”

Great. I’ll be spending the night with my bestie’s boyfriend. For whom I have feelings. In their apartment. While she is in another city! Yeah, right, like that was going to happen!

I waited for 20 more minutes so that I could book a cab, but just as I was going to attempt that, my phone rang.

“Hey! Anu called me and told me you’re stranded! Where are you? I’ll pick you up!” said Shiv, on the other end. 15 minutes later, I was in his car, soaked to the bone, and very aware that my white tee was completely see-through. Blushing deep, I thanked him and settled into the seat, not wishing to get lost in his beautiful brown eyes.

Internal - spent the night

Reaching the apartment, I made my way to Anu’s wardrobe, knowing exactly where she kept her pyjamas. A warm shower and dry clothes relieved me of my anxiety, and I thought: this can’t be as bad as it is in my head.

Shiv made me a hot cup of coffee and we sat together on the floor, mutually deciding we’d watch The Dark Knight Rises, as we were both huge comic book geeks. But my mind kept wandering to what it would be like to kiss him. It didn’t help that he was sitting so close to me, I could smell his musky cologne. When he paused the movie and looked me straight in the eyes. I could smell coffee and peppermint on his breath, and my heart was thumping in my ears.

“My heart is beating just as fast, Jen”, he whispered, as he leaned in and caressed my cheek. “And I want you so bad…” At this point, all my morals went out of the window and I didn’t care what was going to happen. He moved closer and chuckled “We don’t need to watch the movie. Ben Affleck is a better Batman anyway!”

I froze…and pushing him away with immense frustration, I asked “You’re kidding, right?” When he shook his head seriously, pulling his hand away and said, “Hell no. You actually think Christian Bale is better?!” And that’s when I knew, this was never going to happen!

We spent the whole night in an intense discussion about all our favourite superheroes, fanfiction, and comic books with several more cups of coffee and chinese food. It was dawn when Anu arrived, and was surprised to see us awake.

“We were going to sleep”, I said, as Shiv and I exchanged wide grins. “But we decided to become best friends instead.”

It’s a blessing to have loving and supportive friends for life. So, here are a few books I would recommend for your reading list, if you love stories of beautiful friendships as much as I do!

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Happy Reading!


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