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15 Awesome Saree Styling Tricks For The Short Girl!

15 Awesome Saree Styling Tricks For The Short Girl!

Yes, you’re cute and fun-sized but being a short girl comes with its own set of problems. Especially when it comes to wearing Indian wear, particularly a saree. But a few clever styling tricks and tips can solve this problem. Don’t believe us? Here are 15 genius saree wearing styles for the short girl.

Saree Tips For Short Height That Will Have You Looking Like A Diva

Be it tucking a few extra inches of the fabric inside or your favourite printed zari sari making you look shorter, or just trying to find a pair of shoes that do justice to your look, we’ve all been there and felt pretty miserable about it! So here are some tips to help you get started!

1. Avoid Broad Borders

1 saree wearing styles Broad borders automatically reduce the visual length of the sari, making you look shorter than you are. Try a saree that has a simpler border, preferably a thin one. A thin border will help elongate your height. There are also sarees for short ladies that you could give a try too!

2. Give Big Prints A Miss

Basically, big prints cover more space, which is the first reason why you shouldn’t opt for them in a sari. They make you look broader than you are, and there won’t be a ‘break’ in the pattern. So opt for smaller prints, as they flow better with the fabric and make you look leaner and taller. When it comes to what type of saree suits short girl, we place our bets on small prints.

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3. Pick The Right Heels

3 saree wearing styles

While you may or may not be a girl who likes heels, wearing a sari without heels is somewhat incomplete. But it is extremely important to pick the right pair of heels for this. You may love wedges but if you’re wearing a light printed chiffon sari, then this choice might not be the best. Choose sleek heels over chunky ones. If you’re not comfy wearing stilettos, wear block heels that aren’t too thick to help you appear tall and slender. Also, stay away from super high heels, as that can draw attention to your shoes and away from your sari. So you see, heels are super important when it comes to how to wear saree for short height!

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4. Opt For a Slim Fit Petticoat/Wear Jeans Underneath

A petticoat can add a lot of extra weight to your body, so all those mummy petticoats – dump them! Either try a fitted one that sticks to your waist, isn’t stiff and won’t bunch up under your sari. The shape of your sari comes from the petticoat you wear, so always opt for a slim fit. Also, your petticoat should be ankle length. Petticoats are extremely important when it comes to the question of how to wear saree for short girls, so do keep in mind that you choose one that fits you snugly. One secret hack is to ditch the petticoat altogether and opt for skinny jeans that are well-fitted. If you know that you’re wearing it only for a short while (visiting the loo can be tricky!), then wearing jeans underneath a saree is a great option because it can make your booty look curvier as well as help you look slimmer and taller!

5. Wear A Well Fitted Blouse

5 saree wearing styles

Image: Karisma Kapoor on Instagram

Steer clear of wearing ill-fitted blouses because it’s only going to add to that messiness. Also, try to keep the length of your blouse medium (not too long and not too short), making you overall look more natural and less-stuffy. Don’t try blouses with horizontal stripes, they’re only going to make you look broader. Also, avoid wearing high-neck blouses. You can also try out specific sarees for short ladies while you’re out shopping for your blouses.

6. Pin It Right!

The pin trick is quite an important one when it comes to how to look tall in saree. The way you pin your sari can potentially make or break the look! It can either make you look really fabulous or really messy and unflattering. When pleating your sari, keep the pleats small and fold them in neatly. Similarly, when you’re letting your pallu fall, don’t keep it too long if you want to appear taller.

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7. Choose The Right Fabric!

7 saree wearing styles

Picking the right fabric is extremely important and essential in looking the way you want. A lighter fabric will make you look taller as it will wrap around your waist right. A thick fabric will not sit as well and can make you look a little shorter and ever broader. So when it comes to shopping sarees for short ladies, you know what not to get!

8. Right Hairstyle

A hairstyle can go a long way in making you look taller. It’s a great styling trick that can add or subtract a considerable amount of height from your body. A high bun – messy or neat can give you a taller look. Don’t part your hair in the center as it’ll make your face look rounder- in turn making you look shorter!

9. Accessorise Right

9 saree wearing styles

Too much jewelry or too little can also make you look shorter. Add statement pieces to your look that’ll only make the entire ensemble look longer. A long necklace can help elongate your frame. Just make sure you don’t add a necklace, ring, earrings, and bangles all at once. If you’re wearing a neckpiece, go lighter on the ears and so on.

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10. Say Yes To Vertical Stripes!

On the off-chance that you really want some prints on your saree, then you can definitely go for vertical stripes. Vertical stripes give your frame an illusion of being tall and can help you feign your height. However, do make sure that you keep accessories to a minimum since the patterns will always be too much for you to handle.

11. Go Black!

Black is one universal colour that never fails to disappoint. Not only does it make you look slim, but it also helps gives the effect of you having a taller frame. However, don’t go for an elaborate hairdo as it would undo the charms of this colour. Instead, let your hair hang loosely around your shoulders and let your saree do the talking!

12. Pin Up The Drape!

How you drape your saree has a great say in how tall you look, so draping is very important as far as sarees for short ladies are concerned! As a general rule, do make sure that you pin your pallu instead of letting it fall across your shoulders. Not only will this make you look sleek, but it will also give you a taller appearance!

13. Tuck It Below The Navel

navel image for saree for short girls

Now this one is an absolute savior when it comes to draping a saree for short girl. How? Well, this technique elongates your frame, thus making you look taller than you usually are when you drape your favourite saree!

14. Pay Mind To Pleats

Another hack when it comes to looking good in a saree for short height girl is to pay diligent attention to your pleats. While this one is a no brainer, but the more neat and flowy your pleats are, the taller and sexier you will look in your saree!

15. Do Not Go For Half Sarees

As tempting as they may look, half sarees are actually bad for your frame if you’re trying to appear taller This is because they tend to highlight your bottom and torso separately, thus only accentuating your short height. Instead, go for sarees that lean more on the monochrome side, for that is the best saree for short height you can get. Now that you have our guide for styling sarees for short ladies, go ahead and own that event!

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02 Sep 2016

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