10 Sneaky Tips For The First Time You Wear A Saree!

10 Sneaky Tips For The First Time You Wear A Saree!
We are all fascinated by the elegant and sexy appeal of a saree. But, most of us are intimidated by the draping part. Simple saree draping tips can simplify it.

Here are the Saree Draping Tips For The First Time You Wear A Saree!

The ever elegant saree is a great way to give your body some amazing shape and flatter your figure without making too much of an effort. This Indian nine-yard garment is famous for looking breathtakingly beautiful when draped properly. For a saree, you don’t need to have a particular type of figure, you can be any shape and size but there’s something so feminine about it, you automatically feel great. But if you’re a saree-wearing amateur who isn’t exactly comfortable with the art of saree draping yet, here are 10 sneaky tips to drape your saree perfectly if it’s your first time!

1. Pin It Right!

1 saree draping

It’s obvious you can’t get a perfect saree style, that too for the first time, without any pins. In order to avoid the chaos of your saree loosening and tripping over it, it’s important that you pin your saree perfectly. Use as many pins as you may like, especially on the pleats and the pallu. A saree is an outfit that requires practice and patience. Don’t rush the draping process. 

2. Select A Light Weight Fabric

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Wearing a saree and carrying off all that weight isn’t easy. So preferably, choose a fabric that’s lightweight, so that it doesn’t weigh you down. Georgette, chiffon and cotton will be the right fabrics to pick from for easy saree draping. They’ll be easy to pleat, will take the form of your body and aren’t stiff or rigid at all. 

3. Petticoat Diaries

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A petticoat can make or break your outfit, and can either give your saree a great shape or make it lose its shape instantly. The first step in learning how to drape a saree is to learn how to choose a petticoat wisely, and if you’re wearing one for the first time, you can actually get a tight elasticated waist belt instead of the drawstring. Opt for a slim fit, that’ll help you look slimmer and give it more shape around your hips. 

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4. Pick The Right Footwear!

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To avoid all that tripping and falling on rough surfaces, it is best to opt for comfortable footwear. Something like flats or sandals that have minimal or no heels will complement your saree style best. If you still want to wear heels, then go for wedges as these will help you stand taller yet stay comfortable. Also, remember to wear your shoes before draping your saree to avoid any length issues.

5. The Right Blouse

5 saree draping

Don’t go wearing a halter neck the first time you’re wearing a saree. It’s going to be all uncomfortable and just not right. No matter what figure you have, it’s not a good idea. Wear a blouse that’s stitched well, isn’t loose or hanging from any part of your body. You want to be super comfortable and not self-conscious or have to worry about peeping bra straps.

6. Think About Your Lingerie

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This point is quintessential for the perfect saree draping! A saree is incomplete without the right lingerie. Wearing a properly fitted bra is important to give your blouse better shape and structure. If you’re wearing a padded blouse, remember to get the right sized cups and make sure they are positioned right, otherwise, it can look terribly wrong! Also, wear comfortable panties and ditch the thongs.  

7. Keep The Accessories Simple

7 saree drapingPlanning to wear your chiffon saree with poky jewellery and accessories? Avoid! Spiky or poky accessories can get stuck to your pallu and pleats, which will not just make you uncomfortable but also make your outfit clumsy. Wear simple jewellery that’s not heavy and has smooth edges.

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8. Pre-Pleat Your Saree

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In your endeavour to learn how to drape a saree, pre-pleating your saree is probably the best tip we could give you! If you’re wearing a saree for the first time, there’s always that chance of the first pleat might not aligning with the second. In order to avoid this, mark the spot of your pleat by measuring it around your waist. Once done, make the pleats comfortably by putting them on a table and pinning them before you wear it. 

9. Drape It At The Right Place

9 saree draping

Your saree has to be tied at the right place. It should sit neither too low on the waist nor too high. Especially if you’re draping it on your own, ensure you tie your petticoat at the right spot. Look in the mirror and check it before you actually start tying the saree.

10. Free Without Fall

10 saree draping

We know, it takes time to get your saree to the tailor to get that fall stitched. But trust us, it’s for your benefit. A fall ensures that your saree has a proper shape and form, and doesn’t accidentally get a hole from a nail on the ground or your stilettos, for that matter.

We hope with these little tips you will carry off your saree like a total pro!

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