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How To Tell Him You Want MORE From Your Relationship!

Being completely honest with your guy about what you expect from a relationship isn’t always easy. The two of you might or might not be on the same page in this respect. And no one ever likes to feel like the needy one or the one who wants more in a relationship! However, if you feel like you want him to put in more effort into the relationship, it is important that you come out and talk about it with him. Be rational and honest, and you will get a clear answer too. Here is how you should go about telling him that you actually want more from the relationship.

1. Decide what it is that you actually want more of

Do you want more romance? Do you want him to give you more importance in his life? Whatever it may be, be specific. Giving him a vague idea of wanting more from the relationship will lead the conversation nowhere.

want more from a relationship

2. Praise him for the things he does right!

Just because he might not be realizing that you want more, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do tons of nice things! You are with him for a reason after all, right? Tell him how much you appreciate all that he does, but also that you actually want to take the relationship a step further with him. He will understand!

3. Be honest and straightforward

When you’re telling him that you want more, be completely honest. Even if he’s temporarily taken aback by what you’re telling him, he will appreciate you not beating around the bush. There is no point in trying to keep things from him and acting unlike yourself.

want more from a relationship

4. Let him know exactly what you want by executing it yourself as well

Everything doesn’t need to be said out loud. Sometimes, actions say it all. You can’t expect him to change his relationship status on Facebook if you refuse to change yours! If you want your relationship to be out in the open, or be acknowledged by your respective friend circles, do it yourself first.

5. Don’t Badger Him Into It

You can’t force him to take a step forward. It has to be organic and come naturally from his side. Getting after him to introduce you to his friends or take you to meet his parents will only have the reverse effect. Don’t push too hard.

want more from a relationship

6. Don’t criticise his way of doing things

There is a huge chance you both are at the same place in your relationship, and just your styles of expression are different – don’t mistake this as him not giving you the love or importance you deserve in his life. By all means, tell him what you don’t like, but don’t nag him about it. Talk in a calm manner, and there is nothing you can’t achieve!

7. Talk about the future more

You don’t need to actually sit him down and talk about the future. But here and there bring up your plans or dreams for the future. AND include him in those plans. He should know that you want him to be a part of your life even in the future. And it would give you a clear idea about what he thinks as well by observing his reaction.

want more from a relationship

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05 May 2016

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