Don’t Chop Off Your Long Hair Just Yet, Try A Faux Bob Instead!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Aug 11, 2020
Don’t Chop Off Your Long Hair Just Yet, Try A Faux Bob Instead!

Quarantine is making us do crazy things, amirite? People are cutting their own bangs, dyeing their hair with eccentric colours, texting their toxic ex, and what not! Have you done any of these or would you like to add some to your *things you might regret doing in quarantine* list? Well, we certainly think that beauty experiments are not such a bad idea after all!

One of the trendiest things that everyone wishes to try out RN is chopping off their long locks. Literally everyone I know has cut their hair like it’s no big deal. Seriously, guts kahan se aate hain itne?

Anyways, wouldn’t it be nice to know if a shorter hairdo would suit you? That’s where a faux bob comes in!

Fake A Shorter Hairdo, Not An Orgasm

Remember when Selena Gomez sported a short bob at the AMA red-carpet last year and everyone lost their minds? Believe it or not, it was a faux bob style. Can’t recall what we’re talking about? Allow us to refresh your memory.

Selena is so stunning!

Would you like to give this #RedCarpetAproved hairdo a try? Then keep reading. 

Things you’ll need:

– A comb

– Bobby pins

– A ribbon

– Scrunchie

Step 1: Prep your hair

Comb your hair and make sure your mane is not super oily or greasy. Otherwise, your hairdo is going to look flat and dull. A quick spray of dry shampoo can fix this in a matter of seconds.

Step 2: Time to collect your hair

Before we start with the actual process, keep in mind what kind of look you are going for, the length you have in mind, and the kind of hair parting you want- middle or side.

– Comb your hair according to the preferred parting and section your hair.

– Using a scrunchie, gather your hair ends.

Step 3: Time for the makeover

Decide upon the length of the bob hairdo, place your scrunchie and bend the hair inwards. Fluff out some of that hair for a volumizing effect and secure it with a body pin. Do it on both sides. In case that sounds confusing, you can also plait your ends first as shown in the video below. 

A faux bob looks even better if you have layers or shorter hair in the front as it can add more texture to your look. But trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds and will definitely take you more tries than one to actually nail.

Another popular hack that I’ve seen floating on various social media platforms is via a ribbon! It hardly takes a minute to do it and amazes me every time! If you have longer hair and no layers in the front, you might wanna give this a try. Watch below:

Now doesn’t this give your look a total makeover?! Just a few tries and you’re ready to nail the faux bob hairdo. 

Featured Image: Instagram/YouTube