Hairstyle 101: What You Need To Know Before You Get Bangs!

Hairstyle 101: What You Need To Know Before You Get Bangs!
Every girl often asks herself (and her friends) if she should get bangs. They look amazing and fun and bring a chic spin to your look. But that doesn’t mean that bangs are for everyone. Which is why we always think about getting them but never actually do. Definitely do not make the cut on a whim, there are plenty of important things to consider before you get a stylish new fringe, and no, we don’t mean your face shape. We tell you everything you should factor in before getting bangs - it really is such an important decision, after all!

1. Your Hair Texture And “Hair Issues” Make All The Difference

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You may be thinking cute Zooey Deschanel blunt bangs but could end up with something totally different thanks to how your hair behaves on a regular basis. A heavy, box fringe like that works best on thick hair, while a softer, wispy fringe looks great with fine hair. You may not end up with the bangs you wanted if you don’t think it through. Be realistic about your hair texture, talk to your stylist who will advise you best on how long/ short you can go with your hair type. Curly haired girls can also rock bangs, contrary to popular belief!

2. Are You Ready For This Kind Of Commitment?!

Be honest with yourself. It takes a certain amount of time and effort to look fringe-fabulous. That means waking up earlier to style your bangs, getting used to your hair cutting down your vision and basically battling with wind and humidity on a daily basis (they will be your bangs’ worst enemy!). You definitely won’t have a wash and go style, your bangs will require some styling and primping to get them looking decent.

3. You Will Eventually Learn How To Style Them

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It takes a certain amount of trial and error to get your fringe looking great. If you always had center-parted hair and suddenly take the plunge and get blunt bangs, it will definitely take some time for your strands to adjust and sit properly. Styling it well also comes with practice; you’ll learn that your flat iron will make it look too flat while blow drying will make it a bit too bouncy. Don’t worry, you’ll strike that perfect balance soon. Blow dry your bangs immediately after your shower for better results.

4. You Will Need To Wash And Trim Your Hair Way More Often

We told you they were high-maintenance! Unless you want to be completely blind, you need to trim your bangs every few weeks to help keep them in shape and looking great. Don’t worry, it’s much cheaper than getting a whole haircut or trimming all your hair. Also, your fringe will tend to get oily much faster and more easily than the rest of your hair, which means you’ll need to factor in more hair washes. If you’re a lazy girl, stock up on dry shampoo or simply tie the rest of your hair out of the way and wash your bangs in the sink. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes!

5. You Might Have To Change Up Your Makeup Routine

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When you look past everything else, bangs really do look lovely and add drama to your face. Pair them with the right makeup to help flatter them. Don’t overdo the eye makeup, it can look a tad much with your dark fringe. Keep your makeup clean and simple, to help compliment your bangs best. Cute winged liner and some lipstick is enough to work well with your stylish fringe.

6. You Can Fake Them To See How They Look

The most important concern we all have when we think about making the cut is we don’t know for sure how we would look with a fringe. Well, you can try faux bangs to see if you like the look and just how different you do look. Watch this easy video to learn how to do it and make the right decision before your next haircut appointment.

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7. To Bang Or Not Bang?

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There may be days where they just don’t behave and drive you mad (that’s what hair bands are for!), but your fringe will help give you a head-turning new look without chopping off the rest of your hair and can definitely help you look extra glam. If you’ve always wanted them, you should just get them. Who knows? Maybe you’ll love your new look so much you’ll want to keep them forever!  

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