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How To Style The Gen Z-Approved Middle Part

How To Style The Gen Z-Approved Middle Part

The coolest hair part is no longer on the sidelines – it’s front and centre. If there’s something we learned from this year’s Grammys and Oscars, it’s that the middle-part hairstyle is not going away anytime soon. All over the runways, models have been sporting middle parts – and there’s a ‘70s, glam-rock feel to it that we’re very into. The hairstyles proved that Gen Z is right about the excellence of the middle part. For starters, it’s versatile and suits every hair type and style out there. Second, it’s seriously low-maintenance, meaning you can just roll out of bed, let your hair do its own thing, and still look great. 

Judging by how modern, slimming, and clean down-the-middle parts look, it will continue to have its time under the sun. If you’ve ever wondered how to boost volume at the roots or how to style a middle part – here’s everything you need to know before trying out the trend.

How To Style A Middle Part?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen countless celebs rocking the middle-hair parts. The best part about it is that the middle part can be paired with sleek styles, straight hair, curly hair,  face-framing updo, ponytail, and every hair type in between. Creating a middle part is also super easy, make sure your hair is wed. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to draw a line down the scalp and comb your hair to the sides away from the face. Style the hair in a bun or ponytail or wear it down. Once the part is perfect, apply a styling cream to add moisture and prevent flyaways. This will also provide a loose hold without adding extra weight to the hair. If you have fine hair, a lightweight gel will do the trick. Brush it down using a bristle brush for a sleek finish. For folks with curly hair, we recommend creating a part in the shower using a detangling brush. Add a styling cream before towel-drying to add moisture. Comb and brush while wet! If you are going for beachy waves, use a flat iron to create a smoother look. For the undone bedhead look, hit the hairline with the mini flat iron, and it’ll give the look a tiny bit of done-ness.

Your Guide To Add Volume At The Roots

The biggest concern when trying the middle part is not having enough volume on either side of their head to pull it off. But DW, here’s how you can add volume to the middle part: Start your styling with wet or damp hair. Use a blow-dryer to rough-dry your tresses – make sure you run your hands in all the directions while doing so. Once the hair is about 50% dry, use a round brush to pull the hair upwards. Focus the heat and tension from the brush directly on the roots. Complete the look by using a small amount of volumizing hair powder at the roots, gently massaging it around the crown.


Here’s How To Style A Softer Middle Part

If you want to style a middle part without making it look too extreme, try a softer look instead. Start your part in the middle at the hairline and veer slightly off the centre to the side as you work your way back. Alternatively, you can use your finger for not-so-perfectly-parted hair.

How To Add Jewellery To Your Middle-Part Hairstyle

The middle parts can feel very magnificent. If you love going for gem embellishments or Jewellery, the middle part can help accentuate and highlight them. Create your middle-part hairdo and then put accessories such as a headband, tikka, gemstones, or other Jewellery. For maang tikkas, use eyelash glue to affix to your forehead!

It’s time to move your part from the sidelines to centre stage!

Featured Image: Instagram

14 Apr 2022

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