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Cause, Prevention & Cure: Everything You Need To Know About Hairfall!

Cause, Prevention & Cure: Everything You Need To Know About Hairfall!

Has it ever happened to you that you wake up and find a few strands of hair on your pillow? That your paddle brush has more hair than usual? To be honest: a little piece of my heart breaks every time I face a bout of hairfall. While most experts say losing 100 strands a day is normal, a receding hairline has something that bothers most of us. We got our heads together to identify some of the most prominent causes of hairfall and the best ways to prevent it. Since we want to make the most of the natural ingredients, we went a step further and whipped up hair masks to control hairfall, hair thinning and add a sheen too!

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What’s Causing Your Hair To Fall?

Hairfall is a natural process, you shed hair and more hair grows in its stead. It becomes a problem when the hairfall is faster than hair re-growth. Most experts say losing about 100 strands a day is okay, but if you’re seeing more hair than usual on your paddle brush or leaving a trail of strands in your wake, then chances are that you’re shedding more than is normal.

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1. Your Hair Maybe In A Resting Phase.

Out of all the hair on your head, at any given time, about 90% of your strands are growing and 10% are in a “resting” phase known as telogen effluvium. This is when we naturally shed our hair naturally at a particular time of the year. It’s completely normal for this 10% to fall out in order to make way for your new growth. However, this phase can last longer due to change in diet, lifestyle, stress or chronic illnesses. if you feel like you’re losing a bit more than normal, it could mean that more than 10% are “resting”, you should consult a dermatologist or a trichologist.

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2. A Clogged Scalp Can Cause Hairfall.


An itchy, flaky scalp sadly encourages hairfall. If your hair is prone to dandruff, it’s best to use a shampoo with zinc pyrithione better known as ZPTO. Nizoral is great for reducing dandruff in just a wash or two.

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3. Your Diet Is NOT Hair-Friendly.

Your diet influences not only your weight and general health but also the state of your strands. Vitamin deficiencies and a lack of nutrients can really contribute to your hair fall woes. Indulging in sugars, greasy foods and refined grains do nothing for your locks and can even make your hair look dull. A balanced diet with plenty of proteins (that’s what hair is made of, after all), Omega-3, vitamins and minerals is an absolute must if you want stronger, shiny strands.


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4. UV Damage Can Wreak Havoc On Your Hair.

The sun doesn’t just damage your skin but also your hair. UV rays can help make your mane brittle, weak and dry, which basically fast-forwards the hair fall process. Try and stay clear of stepping out in direct sunlight as much as you can and invest in some fun headgear to protect your locks. Hey, a chic hat is a cool style statement, after all! Learn how to get your mane SPF-ready here.

5. You’re Not Using The Right Products.


If your hair is dry, and you’re using a shampoo aimed at an oily scalp, you may be causing more problems. Use a mild cleanser, preferably free of sulphates to avoid further damage. Try and use shampoos and conditioners from the same line for better results. They’re made with similar ingredients and complement each other. Opt for leave-in conditioners once a week; they help tame curly or frizzy hair and leave your strands softer.

6. Cut Out the Heat and Chemicals.

Frequent exposure to hair styling tools like irons, curlers can make your hair brittle, causing your hair to break. Think of this as detox that your hair really needs. Say no to straighteners and flat irons (hide it if you have to). Switch to cool air settings while using a hairdryer. If you were thinking about colouring your hair, we suggest you postpone it if you’re suffering from a lot of hair loss.

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7. Your Hairdos are Too Tight.

High ponytails and buns may be super chic but in the long term, they can damage the hair cuticles, leading to hair breakage. Don’t stick to the same hairstyle every day, change it up and try low, looser braids/ buns/ ponytails as a healthy hairstyle alternative.

8. Avoid Backcombing Your Hair.

No matter what you’re being told, know that backcombing is harmful to your hair. You are basically combing against the cuticle grain which causes a lot of friction, knots and breakage. Try a faux hair poof and volumising hair products instead.


9. Side-effects Of Prescribed Meds Can Cause Hair Loss.

If you’ve just finished a prescribed course of antibiotics or had a major surgery in the past few months, it is possible that the stress induced in your body due to anaesthesia and surgery could eventually lead to hair loss. Seek the help of a physician to combat side-effects and manage hairfall before it gets worse.

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10. You Comb Your Hair While It’s Wet.


Wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair, as the protective cuticle in wet hair is slightly raised. To prevent hairfall from breakage, which, in turn, leads to thinner hair, do not comb your hair when it’s wet. Instead, gently detangle it with your fingers and dry it with a soft towel. Wait for it to dry naturally before you comb it properly.

11. You Don’t Trim Your Hair Enough.

Trimming your hair regularly is very important to promote hair growth. Split ends can make the ends of your hair look thinner. To get rid of them and to make your locks appear healthier, make sure you trim it at least once every three months.

How To Control Hairfall And Accelerate Hair Growth

Now that you know what’s causing hairfall, here’s how you should boost the growth of your mane.


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1. Give Yourself A Scalp Massage.

The West is just waking up to coconut oil, which is one secret weapon we Indians know about only too well. If you haven’t oiled your hair since you left school, then you may want to get into the habit again since it really helps control hairfall. Combine equal parts of coconut oil with castor oil and a handful of curry leaves. Simmer for 30 minutes, strain and massage into your hair frequently. You can also browse through our favourite buys with coconut oil here.

2. Stick To Using Gentle Hair Products.

Harsh hair products strip your hair of its natural oils, thus making them lose all their shine in the long run.  Look for shampoos made with essential oils to avoid breakage. For a natural remedy, baking soda mixed along with your shampoo also works wonders. This sulphate-free shampoo from The Body Shop available on Nykaa (Rs 795)  will provide all the care your hair needs!

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3. Comb Gently Instead Of Brushing Your Hair.

Combing your hair is better than brushing them, especially when your hair is thin and weak. Combing also helps increase blood circulation, thus boosting hair growth. Brushing vigorously can damage the hair shaft, thus weakening the hair roots even further. POPxo’s hairbrush bible may just be what you need to see today!

4. Avoid Hot Water On Your Scalp.

Just like with harsh chemicals, hot water also strips the skin of all moisture and makes it dry. A dry scalp facilitates hair breakage, so it is better to avoid it completely! If you really can’t, wash off your conditioner with tepid water. This will help seal hair follicles and also prevent breakage.

5. Air Dry Your Hair Once In A While.

After you’re done washing them, do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel; you can use an old T-shirt instead. This helps avoid friction and further breakage. Also, avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer; let it air dry instead! Use a dryer on the lowest setting to avoid breakage. We know that the Philips hair dryer is perfect for this purpose! Get it on Nykaa for Rs 1,695!

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6. Say NO to Stress!

Your job, your relationship, that fight with your bestie, office politics: you have no idea how much stress can affect your system. And one of the first things that it affects is your gorgeous, beautiful hair. Learn to relax; take one day at a time and meditate in your own way. We think deep breaths, green tea, peppermint oil and good music really help. If you’re unable to chill, go cold turkey and temporarily cut off that part of your life which is literally making your hair fall out.

7. Braid Your Hair While Sleeping.

A loose braid works wonders to keep long hair in place while you toss around in bed. It keeps hair away from the face which means lesser breakouts and you’ll wake up with gorgeous waves in your hair.

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8. Silk Is A Luxurious Hair Accessory.

Upgrade your pillowcase to a luxurious silk or a satin one. Your skin and hair will thank you for it! These materials offer lesser resistance which means less breakage due to friction. It also ensures that the natural oils in your hair and skin don’t get soaked up by your pillowcase, leaving you with shiny locks and dewy skin.


9. Treat Your Hair Overnight.

There are tons of leave-in treatments available in the market to suit every budget. Use a leave-in treatment diligently, whether it is an oil, a spray, a mask or a gel. They are formulated specifically to target hair troubles and work best when left for a couple of hours, making them the perfect sleep accessory. If using fancy treatments isn’t your thing, then good old oil works beautifully to unveil shiny, smooth locks the next morning. Choose from a wide range of oils such as coconut, jojoba, olive, castor and almond.

10. Make The Most Of Supplements.

Just like your skin, your hair sometimes needs a booster too. An improper diet and even your gene pool affect the quality of your hair. You can take biotin, Omega-3 and Vitamin B supplements to get a little extra care. PS: It’ll make your nails stronger and healthier too.

Home Remedies For Hairfall

Are you a firm believer in natural beauty? Here are a few home remedies for hairfall you must try today.

1. Garlic & Coconut Oil



Garlic pods are rich in sulphur and are super helpful for hair growth, as the increase the production of collagen. When mixed together and applied on the scalp, the juice of garlic pods and coconut oil aids hair growth and controls hair fall.

Step 1 – Using a spoon, crush a few garlic pods and toss them in a bowl.

Step 2 –  Add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and pour it over the pods.

Step 3 – Pour the mix into the cooking pan and warm it up on slow heat for a couple of minutes.


Step 4 – Let the mix cool down for a bit before dipping your fingers into the oil and running them through your hair and scalp.

Step 5 – Give your scalp a good massage and let the oil sit for about 30 minutes.

Step 6 – Wash your hair with ice-cold water.

2. Gooseberries & Lemon Juice



As a fruit, gooseberries are very popular in India. They not only make a healthy snack but are also fantastic for your hair. These magical berries are loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, which are perfect for repairing the structure of your hair.

Step 1 – Squeeze a gooseberry and pour the juice into a glass bowl.

Step 2 – Now, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the container. Stir well using a spoon.

Step 3 – Apply the solution to your scalp using your fingertips.


Step 4 – Leave to soak and let it dry for 20-30 minutes.

Step 5 – Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

3. Egg Whites & Olive Oil


It’s no secret that eggs are a rich source of protein. Applying them directly to your hair can improve the hair texture and help control hairfall.


Step 1 – Crack an egg and pour the whites into a glass bowl.

Step 2 – Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the mix and stir well.

Step 3 – Apply it all to your scalp and hair.

Step 4 – Leave it on for 15-20 minutes.


Step 5 – Wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

4. Coconut Milk & Water


All parts of the coconut are beneficial for your mane: the flesh, the juice and the oil they all contain essential minerals, proteins and fats that guard against hair loss and give your hair a glossy texture.

Step 1 – Cut a coconut in half and grate it.


Step 2 – Squeeze its milk in a container and add 2 tablespoons of water.

Step 3 – Apply it to the area you think needs the most attention.

Step 4 – Put on a shower cap and leave it on for the night.

Step 5 – In the morning, wash it off with warm water.


5. Onion Juice, Aloe Vera Gel & Olive Oil


Onions are a staple in every Indian kitchen. The sulphur content in onions is high and is believed to improve blood circulation and repair hair follicles. The juice of an onion is also perfect for destroying germs!

Step 1 – Chop an onion and extract its juice; pour it into a bowl.

Step 2 – Add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a teaspoon of olive oil to the solution.


Step 3 – Gently apply it to your scalp and leave it to dry for half an hour.

Step 4 – Rinse it off using cold water and a mild shampoo.

6. Beetroot Juice & Henna Leaves


When consumed, beetroots can be extremely beneficial for blood regulation. Surprisingly, it can do the same magic for your hair! This meaty root contains proteins, calcium as well as Vitamins B and C. These nutrients help strengthen the hair structure.


Step 1 – Chop a beetroot into fine slices and drop it into a mixer.

Step 2 – Pluck a few leaves from the henna plant and drop them in the mixer as well.

Step 3 – Churn the ingredients together till they turn into a thick paste.

Step 4 – Apply the paste to your scalp and leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes.


Step 5 – Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

7. Flaxseeds (Alasi)


They may look tiny, but their impact on one’s hair is HUGE. These seeds are a rich source of fatty acids and are miracle workers when it comes to fixing brittle hair.

Step 1 – Use a heavy stone and crush the flax seeds till they turn into powder.


Step 2 – Sprinkle this powder over your edibles like soups, salads, juices etc before digging in!

8. Curry Leaves

8 hairfall

This remedy seems rather odd, but you know what’s epic? It actually works! Curry leaves help moisturise hair, prevent greying, and encourage hair growth. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Step 1: Boil some curry leaves in a boiler.


Step 2: Leave them to cool in the fridge all night.

Step 3:  Wash your hair with cold water after.

Step 4: Don’t forget to apply a conditioner for smooth hair.

9. Natural Yoghurt

9 hairfall


Packed with probiotics, yoghurt helps to promote hair growth. Making it grow stronger and longer by the inch, you’ve got to give this yummy treat a fair chance.

Step 1: Take a bowl filled with unflavoured yoghurt.

Step 2: Add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Step 3: Stir well and apply to your hair.


Step 4: Wait for 40 minutes till the mask hardens.

Step 5: Wash your locks with warm water once you’re done.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

10 hairfall

Believe it or not but apple cider vinegar helps balance the oil production in your scalp. It cleans hair from product buildup and promotes hair growth.


Step 1: In a jar, pour 2 cups of apple cider vinegar.

Step 2: Pour 2 cups of water to dilute it.

Step 3: After shampooing and conditioning your hair, pour the vinegar all over.

Step 4: Leave it on for 45 minutes.


Step 5: Use tap water to rinse your hair.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Styling Your Hair

Now that you have a healthy mane, here are a few things to remember:

1. NEVER heat style without applying heat protectant spray.

If you don‘t have any around, use a good serum at least, it will act as a barrier between your strands and heat damage.


2. Make sure to always hold the blow dryer about six inches away…

So you don’t damage your scalp.

3. Don’t even think about picking up your hairbrush when your hair is wet.

A wide-tooth comb to detangle your strands is a must; start working from the ends upwards. Only once your hair is almost dry should you use your brush if you want to avoid breakage.

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