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Wondering How To Sleep Quickly? Here Are 20 Tips To Dose Off Like A Baby!

Sleeping peacefully sounds like a distant dream right now. The current situation has proven to be stressful for many. As a result, a lot of us have been facing trouble while sleeping. Our mind wanders to places that keep us awake for hours and as a result, we feel tired during the day. Well, if you have been facing these issues as well and are wondering how to sleep fast, then we have something to help you out.

That’s right! We have curated a list of tips to fall asleep faster and better. This will help you stay active throughout the day and feel more productive than you normally do. In case you have been dealing with sleepless nights for a while now (not just during the pandemic), then we recommend that you try all these tips to improve your sleep cycle.

20 Amazing Tips To Fall Asleep Faster & Better

how to sleep fast

Fam, all your sleeping woes come to an end here. While the good ol’ days when we used to listen to fairy tales and sleep like a baby have gone, it doesn’t mean that we need to compromise with our sleep and dreams. So, if you have been wondering how to fall asleep quickly, then here are some effective ways to help you out:

Adjust The Temperature

Adjust the room temperature as per your comfort. Make sure that you are neither sleeping in a room that’s too cold or hot for you. This can delay your sleep and keep you awake late. Set a timer to your air conditioner and keep a thin quilt for use.

Count Backwards

Close your eyes and count backward from 100. This will help you focus your mind and feel calm. You can also try the 4-7-8 method. In this, you can take a deep breath and count till 4. Exhale and take a deep breath in again. This time, count till 7. Repeat the process and count to 8. This is one of the best tips to fall asleep faster.

Make A Schedule

Fix a time as that can help more than you know. Go to bed at a fixed time irrespective of whether you are sleepy or not. Also, have a nighttime routine that will help you get in practice.

Experience Daylight & Darkness Both

It is important for both your mind and body to experience daylight and darkness as it affects your body’s internal clock. When you experience sunlight, your mind instructs your body to stay alert. Similarly, during the nighttime, the darkness can help you fall asleep fast.


Meditation -tips to fall asleep

Meditation can truly help you sleep faster and have a better routine. It can calm your mind, distress, and help you focus. This can help you eradicate the time you spend pondering on random thoughts before dozing off.

Don’t Panic To Sleep

Don’t stress yourself to sleep at night. The basic step to sleep is to let go of all your worries and thoughts. To set your mind free. You are exerting pressure on your mind if you are constantly focused on sleeping faster. Let go of the burden and set yourself loose. Believe it or not, it will turn out to be one of the fastest ways to fall asleep.

Avoid Daytime Naps

By taking power naps during the day, you are depriving yourself of a sound sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping at night, then chances are that your body is making up for the lost sleep during the daytime. To break this cycle, avoid sleeping during the day.

Watch What You Eat

You need to pay attention to what you are eating before you go to bed. If you are eating meals that are high in carbohydrates, then you might fall asleep faster. But, that sleep may not be as peaceful as you expect. On the other hand, if you are taking a diet rich in fats before you dose off, then you may end up sleeping like a baby. It’s better to have a balanced diet at night, preferably nothing heavy. And, if you are having a high-carb dinner, make sure you give yourself at least 4 hours for digestion. This is definitely one of the easiest tricks to fall asleep quickly.

Relaxing Music

Playing soothing music during nighttime can help you sleep better and faster. Instead of listening to Bollywood songs or upbeat tracks, try listening to music that reminds you of nature. ASMR audios improve the quality of your sleep and promote deeper sleep.

Exercise During The Day

Exercises- ways to sleep faster

It is important to exercise regularly. Physical workouts are known for releasing serotonin in your brain that helps reduces stress hormones. Also, your mind will need proper rest once you have exhausted your body physically. So, if you’re wondering how to sleep fast, try exercising daily.

Get Comfortable Bedding

Make sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress and pillows. They can have a remarkable effect on your sleep. A hard or uncomfortable mattress can not only delay your sleep but also give you severe body ache. A medium-firm mattress can avoid such problems and is good for your spine and sleep.

Keep Gadgets Away

Keep all your gadgets away when you sleep. Do not keep your laptops, chargers, or earphones near your pillow. Switch off the television, gaming console, and place your phone on DND before going to sleep. These gadgets not only keep you energetic and active but also release blue light that suppresses melatonin. This is one of the most effective ways in case you’re wondering how to fall asleep quickly.


Aromatherapy can help you sleep better and faster. This therapy involves the use of essential oils that have a soothing fragrance. You can light up candles or incense sticks that are infused with essential oils or rub them on your arms.

Maintain A Journal

Writing a journal is a great way to declutter your mind before you sleep. You process your entire day once you hit the bed at night and that’s when random thoughts strike you. To avoid all of it and to feel more organised mentally, maintain a journal. This will help you fall asleep fast FOSHO!

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid Caffeine -tips to sleep fast

Caffeine can help you feel energetic and active. So obviously, having too many cups of coffee in a day can hamper your sleep. Try to have decaf not more than twice a day.

Find A Sleep Position

There are three main sleeping positions-on your sides, back and stomach. While different individuals have their own preferred position, it is believed that sleeping on your sides can help you have a sound sleep. On the other hand, sleeping on your back can cause blacked airways and snores. So, to answer your question on how to fall asleep fast, try this trick.

Read Before Bed

Ever wondered why kids read or listen to bedtime stories before they doze off? It’s because reading can help your mind wind off better and quicker. But, avoid e-books as they emit blue light.

Paradoxical Intention

When you try paradoxical intention, you are telling yourself to not fall asleep. Obviously, while you’re doing this, your mind is ultimately focusing on your ‘sleep’. This will help you fall asleep faster. Isn’t this a smart tip to sleep fast?


Instead of creating stressful scenarios in your head or dwelling on bad memories, visualise a place or situation that makes you happy. People are able to sleep faster when they are mentally relaxed and happy.

Sleep Enhancing Supplements

Sleep Enhancing Supplements to fall asleep quickly

If you are still having problems sleeping, it’s better to consult a professional or take sleep-enhancing supplements after consulting with your doctor. Melatonin, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) are some of the supplements that help you sleep faster. This is one of the more professional ways to sleep faster.

Tips To Sleep More Peacefully

Reasons For Troubled Sleep During COVID: A lot of people are facing more trouble than usual to sleep during the pandemic. The constant state of worry and anxiety is keeping them awake. If you are facing the same issues, then here’s everything to know about your current sleep condition.

Benefits Of Sleeping Naked: Bought beautiful nightgowns and suits to sleep in? Well, it’s time to chuck them away because believe it or not, but sleeping naked has more benefits than you know. Here are all the benefits of sleeping sans clothes that you need to know about.

Tips To Sleep Better & Wake Up Fresh: Now that you know all about sleeping faster, here are some quick and easy tips to sleep better. Not just that, with these tips, you will wake up afresh and chirpier as well. 

Hope these tips on how to sleep fast will help you dose off peacefully! Nightie-night folks!

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28 Jul 2021

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