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Get Him in the Mood: 12 Steps for the Perfect Date Night!

Sex is one thing that if you are not doing you are most likely thinking about. We all go through phases: weeks when we cannot stop jumping on each other, and weeks when “Not today, darling” is not the exception but the norm. The happy middle is what we would like our lives to be. If you are feeling the absence of a spark in your relationship (trust me, it happens to the best of us!) then here is how you seduce him, again. This may sound corny, but I promise you it works!

1. Plan the evening

It ain’t rocket science – a romantic dinner where you only talk about the fun bits of life. Choose the restaurant carefully. Dim, moody lighting, great music, secluded tables.

2. Choose the date carefully

He should not have a busy day the next day, and neither should you. If needed, get him to block time in his diary.

3. Take care that you aren’t likely to be interrupted

If you have kids, make sure they are either in bed, or a loving grandparent/ trusted friend is happy to have them over for a sleepover. A Friday night is perfect – you both can sleep in the next day!

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4. Escape the daily grind of housekeeping

If you want to go completely OTT, book a hotel room to come home to. Make it a surprise. There is something very decadent about booking a hotel room in the city in which you live.

5. Visit your spa or salon before the “date”

Go for the full works: waxing, threading. A massage or facial, if it relaxes you. Get your nails done – maybe a bright red? Definitely go for a blow-dry.

6. Your makeup should be amped up

You should look like you made an effort to get ready!

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7. Add a little sparkle

Dangly earrings, a glittering ring. Wear something that gives you confidence and catches his eye. High heels, sexy lingerie, a heady perfume.

8. The outfit selection is important

Definitely opt for something that turns him on! Dress for the evening you wish to have. Maybe slip into a dress that has been “lucky” in the past.

9. Take your time

Make reservations at a nice place. If you both drink, have a cocktail or two. Linger over dinner and let the anticipation build.

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10. Channel your early dates

Remember the intent way you would look at him back then? Treat him like he is God’s gift to women.

11. Cosy up

At the restaurant (discreetly, though!). In the car on your way back. In the elevator.

12. And once you finally get home (or to the hotel room)…

Ditch your phones and, heaven forbid, the television – and let your inhibitions run wild.

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06 May 2016

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