Spot On: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Dark Spots & How To Treat Them

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 12, 2021
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Always remember: Your spots are completely normal and natural and they don’t define who you are!

Facial spots of any kind- acne, wound marks, sun spots, or even pigmentation go away with a lot of difficulty. Not everyone gets them but if you find yourself covering these said spots with the help of a concealer or a high coverage foundation every time you go out, then it’s time to treat them.

Everything happens for a reason. Yes, even skin blemishes such as facial spots and if you want to get rid of them for good, then it’s essential to understand the core reasons and then treat them accordingly. Let’s know more, shall we?

Why Do We Get Dark (Or Any Other) Spots?

We all have some sort of scarring or spots on our faces that don’t seem to go away with time. Before treating them, let’s know the reason why you actually get these spots on your face (or other parts of the body).

– Sunlight: Direct exposure to sunlight can lead to tan coloured spots on your cheeks, nose, and even decolletage area. Freckles being the most common type.

Genetics: Genetics play a rather important role when it comes to spots. If your family has a history of having facial spots, sorry to tell you but you’ll have them too.

– Pimple popping: Popping a pimple is never a great idea as it will always leave scars behind and sometimes even deep ones. Do not pop them and instead, treat them with love and care.

Facial wounds: If you had a minor cut on your face, then, of course, it’ll leave a scar behind but don’t you worry as it will go away soon.

Excess production of melanin: This is the main reason why we have pigmentation on our skin. There are a lot of reasons why suddenly you have spots on your skin and consulting a doc is the best way to move forward

– Hormones and side-effects of a particular product: Did you know that hormonal imbalance or even side effects of a particular product or medicine can leave you with severe facial scarring? 

Natural Ways To Reduce Spots

To reduce the appearance of dark spots from your skin, it’s imperative to understand what’s causing them first and then treat them accordingly. 

If you are looking for some simple, homemade remedies to fade them, here are some.

Sing Pa Pa Ya…!

Papayas have natural AHAs present in them is a popular form of chemical exfoliant. Using raw papaya on your face can help remove dead skin, brighten the skin’s completion and also increase collagen production, thus reducing signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Just mash a bowl full of papaya and apply it all over your face once a day for 20 minutes to reduce facial spots easily. 

‘Coz Haldi Fixes Everything

Turmeric has excellent healing properties and also aids in reducing skin inflammation. Did you know that it also controls the skin’s production of melanin, thus reducing hyperpigmentation from the skin? Here’s how to use it:

In a bowl, add 1/2 tbsp of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp curd. Mix everything well and apply it all over your face. If you have sensitive skin, you can replace curd with honey and we bet your spots will start to fade away soon.

Aloe You!

If you have facial spots that are taking much longer to go away, perhaps aloe can help you out. This miraculous plant can help protect the skin from the sun’s wrath, reduce the appearance of acne & scars and even brighten up your skin tone.

In a bowl, scrape out some fresh aloe vera gel, mix it well and apply it directly all over your skin. You can also use mix a pea-sized amount with your daily moisturiser for an instant hydration boost.

Another way to enjoy all the benefits that aloe vera has to offer is by drinking aloe vera juice to heal your skin internally.

I Love You My My Head *To Ma Toes*

Just like lemons, tomatoes too have citrus acid in them but in lesser quantity. On the other hand, tomatoes are filled with the goodness of lactic acid which is why it is an excellent thing to put on your face and reduce spots, eventually. Tomatoes can also help reverse photodamage (changes in the skin due to constant sunlight exposure) and is the most affordable way to do so.

Cut open a tomato and apply its juice on your face for about 30-45 minutes to fade away any kind of scars. Make sure you do not have any open wounds or scars as this can sting. 

Yogurtu Try It!

Applying yoghurt on your skin is a great idea to reduce almost any kind of facial spot as the lactic acid present in it can help reduce face discolouration, reduce age spots and also improve the skin’s complexion.

You can either apply it directly to your skin or mix it with honey for an impromptu DIY face mask. Either way, it can help your skin in more ways than one.


Other Ways Of Getting Rid Of Dark Spots

Now that you know all about the natural ways to reduce the appearance of dark spots, it’s time to know the other ways you can do that, especially if all these home remedies proved to be a waste of time for you.

PS: Just make sure you are wearing sunscreen every day otherwise, there’s no point of doing anything.

Dabble With Skincare Products

There are a plethora of skincare products that can help reduce dark spots from the skin. Look for products that promise to help you reduce any sort of facial spots and even the production of melanin.

All You Need In Life Is Vitamin Sea & C

Using a vitamin C infused product is a great way to keep the spots in check. Use a vitamin C serum or a moisturiser daily to quickly reduce dark spots from your face in no time.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Facial Acids

Another very important ingredient that can greatly reduce the appearance of facial scars is niacinamide. It is currently taking the beauty world by storm and honestly once you use it, you’ll understand all about its much-deserved hype.

Time To Book An Appointment

The quickest way to remove any sort of facial scarring from your face is to book an appointment with a doctor for a chemical treatment. Although expensive, a chemical treatment such as laser or peels can instantly reduce the appearance of dark spots from your face. Just make sure you discuss all the possibilities with a certified professional before going ahead with it and remember to take all the necessary precautions too.

Dark spots, who?

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