Are You Using Your Concealer *Exactly* As You Should?! | POPxo
Are You Using Your Concealer *Exactly* As You Should?!

Are You Using Your Concealer *Exactly* As You Should?!

Applying concealer in the right way can amp up your look and do wonders for your face. We tell you some handy tips for applying concealer to make the most of this magical makeup item! Using this the correct way can make your face shine and make you glow beautifully! What you need: A concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone, a concealer matching your skin tone, some loose powder, a suitable brush, a blender
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Apply the concealer after your foundation for better coverage!

1. Concealing Dark Circles!

Since the dark circles under the eyes have a bluish tone to them, the best way to conceal them is by applying a peach toned concealer Step 1: Starting from the inside of the eye to the middle, pat the concealer in the area with your ring finger and then use a blender to smoothen it out. Use an orangish shade if you have a darker skin tone. Step 2: Follow this up with a lighter shade of concealer; make sure that the concealer is not more than two shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the concealer in a triangle shape to conceal and simultaneously brighten the under eye area.
Step 3: Use a pat and blend motion of application to ensure that the concealer doesn’t get wiped away. Step 4: Finish the eyes by setting the concealer with some loose powder. Enjoy more fun stories on the super cool POPxo app… Click here to download! 

2. For Darkness Around The Mouth!

Step 1: Apply the light colored concealer around the mouth with a brush if you have darkness around your mouth area. This helps to brighten the whole area. Pat and blend this. Step 2: To cover any blemishes or scars, apply a thin layer of the concealer with a brush just on the spot that needs to be covered. Step 3: Set the concealer with some loose powder.

3. To Amplify The Makeup!

Step 1: Apply the concealer on the bridge of the nose, the tip, your cupid’s bow, chin and finally some on your forehead. Step 2: Blend it well to get a perfectly concealed and lit up face. MUST-READ: How To Get Deepika’s Gorgeous “Pinga” Look!
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Published on Mar 2, 2016
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