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Bring Out The Sunnies: Face Glosses Are Here To Add Some Dewy Shine To Your Skin

Bring Out The Sunnies: Face Glosses Are Here To Add Some Dewy Shine To Your Skin

For the last couple of years, we’ve been all about mattes. From celebs to beauty influencers, everyone was sporting a matte finish look, complete with a matte lipstick and matte setting powder. But not anymore! It’s time the glossy finish takes the seat while we stop being mad about mattes.

Your favourite 90s trend is back with a bang and is here to stay. Glossy lips, glossy lids and now glossy face–have you tried a face gloss yet?

Face Glosses Are Here To Add Shine To Your Life And Face!

Face glosses are here to change the way we do makeup or try to nail that lit from within, dewy look. But think about it, using a gooey, sticky product all over your face? And imagine all the dirt and other elements it would attract to your face! Before you give this trend a hard pass, hear us out.

Face glosses are not super sticky or gloppy like your lip glosses so no, you cannot use a lip gloss all over your face to hop onto this trend. It’s a lightweight product, an almost balm-like product that adds a beautiful glow to your skin. They often come in a stick or a component so that you can apply it all over your face with ease.

Unlike a highlighter, a face gloss will not give your face a metallic, pearly, or a shimmer finish but instead, it’ll give your skin a reflective, wet sorta look that’s dewy and beautiful at the same time. And that’s not even the best part. Face glosses are usually clear of colour so everyone can use this without worrying if its the right shade! 

But Is It For Me?

Face glosses can be intimidating. But if you do not mind a glowing finish to your look, you’ll love a face gloss. But you gotta keep these pointers in your mind before investing in one:

– It is sticky! It’s not lip gloss sticky but almost as sticky as slathering your face with oil. So yes, your hair will get caught to your face on a windy day. Tie ’em up!

– It doesn’t work well with full coverage or thicker foundations. Use it with a skin tint or just by itself.

– It can cause acne. No, it won’t lead to a breakout fiesta on your face but applying a face gloss on a daily basis can cause you to break out if you have acne-prone skin. But as long as you’re washing your face properly, you’re good!

– You can apply it anywhere! Face glosses are fun and you can apply it wherever you want the sunlight to hit your face–cheekbones, lips, around your brows, nose, and even your chin.

Here’s How You Apply A Face Gloss

Use a face gloss on the high points of your face–cheekbones, cheeks, nose and around your brows. Unlike your blinding highlighter, less is more when it comes to a face gloss! Even if you think that your face isn’t glowing enough, trust us your natural face oils will help with that.

In case of a stick, use it directly to apply to your face.

A finger works well if you’re scooping it out of a jar or using it from a bottle. Just take an ample amount and get your gloss face on!

Shop That Face Gloss ✨

Ready to gloss up your pretty face?

So go ahead and get your gloss on!

Featured Image: Namvo

29 Jul 2020

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