7 Genius Ways To Use Your Lip Gloss (NOT On Your Lips!!)

7 Genius Ways To Use Your Lip Gloss (NOT On Your Lips!!)

We have dozens of this makeup must-have lying around, but did you know you can use it in so many ways other than bringing some shine to your lips? From controlling frizz to adding a glow to your face, we give you some genius ways to use your favourite lip gloss.

Different Ways To Use Lip Gloss Besides On The Lips

Follow these amazing tips and find out some really surprising use of your lip gloss. Go ahead and add some magic to your pout - and everywhere else!

1. Tame Your Brows

Bold, well-defined brows have been hot for a while now. Get on board the trend and channel your inner Cara Delevingne by using your gloss as a brow gel. Transparent lip gloss is great to groom your brows and then comb them with a brow brush (or even a clean mascara wand) to help make them look fabulous. 

2. Frizzy Flyaways

uses of lip gloss You know those annoying frizzy strands of hair that stick up and ruin a good look? Or those little baby hair that pops out of your ponytail? Well, all you need is a dash of gloss to make them behave. Just rub a bit of gloss between your palms and swipe your hands down your hair. Voila, you’ve just tamed them into submission. How easy was that?!

3. Create Shadows

You can use your fave shades as glossy eye shadow. Got a nice rose pink gloss lying around? Use it on your lids for some subtle color. A clear gloss can also double up as an eye makeup primer. Apply a coat before brushing on your eyeshadow to help keep it in place and make the colour last for longer. Using colorful lip gloss on your lids is also great for the wet-look that is such a huge runway trend.

4. Make A Cream Blush

uses of lip gloss It’s possible to create your own cream blush using a tube of lip gloss you have lying around. Grab a pretty pink gloss (or even red) and mix it with a bit of moisturizer on the back of your hand. Then, using your fingertips, dab it onto the apples of your cheeks for some light colour. It’s easy, quick and affordable – a perfect solution when you have last-minute plans post office.

5. For That Fresh Glow

Get selfie-ready in an instant by using your gloss as a makeshift highlighter. Use your fingers to dab some along your brow bones, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow for some natural dewiness. Trust us, your photos will never look better.

6. Shaving Emergency

uses of lip gloss If you’ve ever nicked yourself while shaving your legs you would know how difficult it is to stop the bleeding. The next time you do cut yourself, apply a little bit of clear gloss to it and it should stop the bleeding and prevent a mess while giving you enough time to find a Band-Aid.

7. Create Custom Colours

With the help of your lip gloss, you can create your own signature lip colours instead of splurging on expensive ones. Just mix clear gloss with eyeshadows, blush or even a lipstick that is almost over but you want to save and create your very own lip color. We’re pretty sure you’re going to look at your ordinary tube of lip gloss in a whole new way now! Images: Shutterstock MUST-READ: Lips, Cheeks, Nails: 10 NEW Ways To Use Your Eyeshadow! MUST-READ: #PuckerUp: 8 Rules for Pulling Off Dark Lipstick & Our Top Picks!