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11 Cute Memories To Make With *Him* On Your Honeymoon!

11 Cute Memories To Make With *Him* On Your Honeymoon!

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime holiday, the first one you take with your hubby, just as you begin your happily ever after together. This gives you every reason to have some experiences that make this vacay incredibly special and create memories that remain with you forever and ever. Here are the 11 things all you couples MUST do to make your honeymoon memorable.

1. Cute it up with coordinated holiday wear

Isn’t it a brilliant idea to carry along a pair of matching T-shirts that you and your hubby, both can wear on your honeymoon. Sort of a not-so-subtle proclamation to the world that you’re finally married. Something like ‘Whipped’ (for him) and ‘By Me’ (for her), ‘I’m always right’ (for her) and ‘She’s always right’ (for him) or a classic like ‘Happily Married: Chapter 1’ for both of you. Can you imagine how incredibly adorable you’d look in these tees?


2. Get naughty indoors

Who wants to go sightseeing when there are such exciting sights to see indoors *wink*?! Spend one whole day in your hotel room, without keeping your hands off of each other and make the time away from home, really count.

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3. Say cheese!

Apart from the mandatory ‘your back turned away from the camera, as you lead him holding his hand’ pose there are a few other must-click photographs. The ‘look where we slept’ shot, ‘the postcard’ pose, ‘a long, deep first kiss on the honeymoon’ shot with a picturesque background – get ‘em all!

3 make your honeymoon memorable


4. All night long

No, we’re not talking about crazy monkey sex. Instead, we are suggesting that at least one night on your honeymoon, stay up all night, roam the quiet city streets, do some stargazing, dance till you drop and just pour your hearts out to each other. Make it a night to remember.

5. Dress up for him

First holiday together and raging hormones – how to make it even more special? Dress up in long, flowy dresses in the day and slip into some lacy, sexy inner wear at night. A little extra effort will go a long way, ladies. Besides, gorge day dresses make for lovely photographs too!


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6. Surprise surprise!

The kind of time you have at hand and liberties that you can take during your honeymoon, you won’t ever get in your life again. So it makes sense to plan a cute surprise for your sweetheart like breakfast in bed, a private table booking at the memorable restaurant or buying him something he always wanted. He’ll always remember this adorbs gesture, ladies.


6 make your honeymoon memorable

7. PDA much

Now, chances are that you won’t get an opportunity to do this in your hometown. So add some excitement and show him some love (aka PDA). So what are you waiting for? Jump onto his lap and kiss away!


8. Go on a crazy adventure

No honeymoon is complete without some adventure. Create your own crazy tale by going on a drinking spree, spending a day at an amusement park or hiking, diving and the likes. While you’ll make some awesome memories, seeing the wild side of each other will definitely bring you both closer.

9. Get inked!

Create an unforgettable memory that won’t leave your heart, soul and body (literally!) and get inked! The same tattoos or two tattoos that make one – like two halves of the heart, your partner’s name or pieces of a puzzle that mean something to the two of you – there are some classic and fantastic ideas.


9 make your honeymoon memorable

10. Announce your love to the world

Just like Chandler and Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., go around announcing to everyone that you and your partner are on their honeymoon. Not only will it make for a great laugh and some fun, but you might just get some upgrades and benefits in return!


11. Souvenir safe

Shopaholic or not, buy a souvenir from each city/ country you visit on your honeymoon. Also, save all the theatre, monument, and concert tickets and create a memory board with a timeline of your honeymoon. You both will cherish these memories for life!

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20 Nov 2016
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