13 Hot Tips For Your Next Makeout Session With *Him*

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Oct 20, 2016
13 Hot Tips For Your Next Makeout Session With *Him*


Amazing intimate moments always begin with an amazing kiss. You absolutely cannot underestimate the power of a great kiss! While you might have included several kissing tips in your love life, it’s time to take it up a notch by focussing on the step after a kiss – the make out session! Making out is different from just kissing, it requires more effort and definitely turns us on way more! These 13 amazing making out tips will help you make it a hot session, next time!

1. Pay attention to the lower lip

The upper lip is all fine and nice and often gets tons of action but the lower lip is where your actions leave the most impact. Gently sucking the lower lip while making out will definitely show you great results!

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2. Start slow

Unless both of you have to run out in five minutes, always begin the process slow and sensuous. You can speed it up after a while but the increase in speed only has its effect when you start slow.

2 make out tips

3. Use the tongue sparingly

Make out sessions do have the tongue playing a major role but you should never over-do the tongue action. Use it but don’t keep jabbing your tongue into the other person’s mouth. That is neither hot nor exciting. Let it happen with the flow.

4. The jawline is your cheat code!

Kissing your partner’s jawline is super sexy when making out. Make it slow, tender kisses that will definitely send a shiver down his body!

4 make out tips

5. Moan a little

Let’s not keep moaning only limited to sex. You can moan or sigh even while making out. Any visual is even better with the audio, right? *Wink*

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6. Move away from the lips

Don’t just stick around to the lips, go beyond them. The jawline, of course like we mentioned, is your cheat code but you can go down to the neck, the collar bone, chest…anywhere and everywhere you feel comfortable going!

6 make out tips

7. Use your hands

A very important part of making out! Your hands don’t have to be by your side. Use them to increase the sexy quotient like never before. In his hair, on his chest, on his back… Keep them anywhere but by your side.

8. Take a short, sexy pause

This will help you catch your breath in an intense session. Make sure you look at your partner in these short breaks. Look at him in a way that lets him know you truly want him in this moment. Honest intensity is the key, dear friends!

8 make out tips

9. Feel his heartbeat

While making out, place your hand above his heart and feel his heartbeat. It sounds cheesy but when you see how your actions are making his heart beat faster, it won’t just motivate you for more but will also get you seriously turned on!

10. Position yourself right

Positioning is very important while making out. A sexy position can make all the difference. There are several positions you can try but the most empowering one is when you take charge and straddle him with your legs wrapped around his waist.

10 make out tips

11. Make eye contact

In the middle of it all take out a few seconds to look your partner in the eye. Making eye contact shows you are confident about what you are doing and you know how to do it right.

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12. Whisper in his ears

Let him know that you want him…literally. Whisper sweet nothings like ‘I am liking this so much’ or ‘This feels amazing’ to let him know you are having fun while also boosting his confidence! Because, trust us, you’re not the only one over-thinking your personality.

12 make out tips

13. Don’t rule out gentle biting

Biting is a slightly more complicated thing to do while making out. You don’t want to bite your partner so hard that you end up hurting him but you should not rule out gentle biting altogether either. The trick to gentle biting is not to use your teeth so much, just pull his skin by your lips. This way it will be sexy and it won’t hurt him.

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