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#ForeverYoung: How To Have Fresh, Clear Skin ALWAYS

Yes, you’re young and your skin is plump and smooth, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to bother with any anti-aging steps. Sure, the thought of fine lines may seem like something to worry about in the far, distant future, but a few smart, preventive measures now will make all the difference then. We give you a few tips to have younger-looking skin forever. Read on for a few ways to actually make time stand still, at least in the context of your skin.

1. Curb That Sweet Tooth

If your diet consists of a lot of sugar and sweet fixes, then you definitely need to cut down. Sugar is known to damage collagen and elasticity in our skin, which will lead to dullness and fine lines. If you’ve been trying to stay away from too many desserts, the thought of wrinkles should definitely help you push that slice of cake away.

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2. Massage Away

Regularly massaging your face will help boost blood circulation and the production of collagen, giving you plumper, clearer skin. Pond’s Age Miracle Intensive Cell ReGen Serum is beneficial for this, thanks to its intelligent pro-cell complex and retinol boosters that boost your skin’s capacity for young cell regeneration.

3. Rub It Off

Aren’t we always nagging you to exfoliate your skin? Well, this is just another reason to. Buff away dull, dead skin to give way to softer, glowing skin below. Exfoliating about twice a week is a must for healthy skin that will look youthful always. And not just on your face, your neck and hands are also a dead giveaway when it comes to aging; exfoliating is great for those areas as well. For starters, you could try the Pond’s Age Miracle Face Wash, which contains gentle micro-granules that remove dead skin cells.

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4. Smart Snacking

It’s common knowledge that what you eat reflects on your skin. So make sure to load up on Vitamin C, which helps create collagen. Tomatoes, oranges, kiwi and broccoli are all great sources of it. Also Omega-3 fatty acids and foods rich in antioxidants can work wonders for keeping your skin young. One healthy habit is to drink green tea regularly – it’s rich in antioxidants and will help flush out toxins.

5. Hydrate Like A Boss

Remember, dry skin WILL cause fine lines! Keeping your skin moisturized at ALL times is a must if you don’t want to look older than you are. Make it a point to moisturize your skin immediately after your shower, as that’s when your skin will absorb it best leading to supple, soft skin. We love Pond’s Age Miracle Day Cream Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 15 for renewing skin cells and reducing lines and spots.

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6. Combat Fine Lines

Those alcoholic binges and slacking off the sunscreen will definitely play a role in aging your skin. Your lifestyle choices today will affect your complexion later on. Don’t drink too much, since alcohol will break down collagen and lead to sallow-looking skin, and don’t even get us started on what smoking will do to your skin. Make it a point to lather on the sunscreen ALL the time, don’t even think about stepping out in the sun without it and load up on plenty of beauty sleep, your skin deserves the rest!

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*This is a sponsored post for Ponds Age Miracle.


06 May 2016

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