Relationship 101: How To Get Through That Rough Patch With Him

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016
Relationship 101: How To Get Through That Rough Patch With Him


Somewhere between the hugs, kisses, love notes and giggles also comes the tough stuff – the fights, arguments and disagreements. Yes, it happens to the best of us! And even though it doesn’t seem like that at the time, you should know it’s actually very healthy too. It’s a way for couples to work through things together, as a team. In the long run, it only strengthens the bond – provided you deal with things the right way! Here’s how to tide over the rough time in your relationship.

1. Don’t live in denial

Even though you would rather ignore your problems, the truth is that won’t make them go away! Instead of denying the reality of your situation, try to accept what’s really going on. It will help you (and your significant other) deal with things much better!

Relationship Rough Patch 1

2. Be patient

This is so much easier said than done. But always remember, anything that is good in life is worth waiting for. The same principle applies to your relationship. Sure, right now things are seeming difficult, but if you are patient, better days are just around the corner!

3. Communicate

Did you know that the number one cause of misunderstandings and problems in couples is a sheer lack of communication? Instead of being passive aggressive or giving your partner the silent treatment, try having a simple conversation! It may solve more than you can imagine.

Relationship Rough Patch 3

4. Don’t jump to conclusions

All relationships go through rough patches. This doesn’t make you and your partner incompatible, or your future doomed! Stop jumping to dramatic conclusions, because that’s really not going to help you guys.

5. Calm down

Think about it – has anything good ever come out of you being hyper? Just stay calm, you’ll even be able to see things more clearly.

Relationship Rough Patch 5

6. The breakup equation

The easiest thing to do for a sparring couple is break up. That’s a no-brainer, really! But think about all the couples you admire – we really doubt they just ended things when times got tough. So don’t keep offering it is a solution when you and your man are talking. It’ll only make him feel unwanted.

7. Future tense

One way to ease your own mind when your relationship is going through a rough patch is to think of the future. A lot of problems seem small and unimportant if you think about the bigger picture.

Relationship Rough Patch 7

8. What Ifs

Don’t go down the “what if” road too much. It’s self-destructive, really. What if he had not said this? What if I had done that? Well, if you guys could have, you would have. Just don’t look back.

9. Jog your memory

Each relationship that’s going through a tough time has also been through some pretty great times. Let yourself remember the good times. Bask in the glory of happy memories. Smile at the snapshots that your brain has taken of the two of you. It will certainly help you work things out, no matter how tough it may seem.

Relationship Rough Patch 9

10. Set that ego aside

If this rough patch is only a function of both your mammoth egos at play, maybe it’s worth setting your ego aside? This is just a suggestion. It by no way indicates that only you need to make sacrifices.

11. Don’t let everyone know

Yes, sometimes when things aren’t going our way, we are tempted to talk about it. But this doesn’t mean we speak to everyone who’s willing to listen. Maintain the sanctity of your relationship by not giving every last detail away. Also, please don’t put things on social media. That’s a bit immature.

Relationship Rough Patch 11

12. Believe

They say those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. Don’t get hung up on your issues – believe there’s a way out. Believe you guys will tide through. Believe that better days are right around the corner. Believe in the goodness of the universe. Believe that if you guys are meant to be, your love will find a way! 🙂

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