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How To Keep Your Hair Smooth & Shiny Through Your Wedding Week!

How To Keep Your Hair Smooth & Shiny Through Your Wedding Week!

Weddings are always packed with fun and excitement. You want to look flawless even in the middle of all the running around! Apart from your outfit and makeup being on point, your hairdo needs to look exceptionally gorgeous as well. Dull and dry hair will simply not do. Glossy and smooth hair is the aim! Here’s how to keep your hair shiny through a week-long wedding. (You’re welcome!)


1. Love cold showers?

1 How to get shiny hair for a wedding

Don’t we all love a nice hot shower? While you may love it, it’s the opposite for your mane. Too much of heat can strip shine, damage hair follicles and make hair look lifeless and dull. Just after you step out of a shower, apply a bit of conditioner and rinse it off with cold water. While it seals the cuticles, it also increases shine.

2. Hair masks to the rescue!

Just a week before the wedding, make a homemade hair mask using only natural ingredients. Not only will the mask make your gorgeous locks glossy, but it will also make them healthy and strong.

3. Hair serum is your new bestie!

3 How to get shiny hair for a wedding

For shinier, healthier and sleeker hair, invest in a good quality hair serum. While it detangles hair, it also instantly makes your hair go from drab to fab. While your hair is damp, apply a pea-sized amount to your hair. Remember to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. If you feel you need to add more moisture and shine to your hair, feel free to apply some more.  

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4. Time to spray on some shine

Use a spray-on shine product on dry hair to add a touch of glam. Pick a spray that moisturizes and gives the perfect finish and shine to your hair. No matter what texture your hair has, a shine spray will always do wonders!

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5. Are you drinking enough water?!

5 How to get shiny hair for a wedding

No matter how busy you get at the wedding, you must drink sufficient water. This will keep your skin and hair hydrated at all times. A bottle or two should be perfectly fine. Keep it next to you at the wedding and sip from it as often as you can.

6. Heard of a glossing treatment?

You can get a glossing treatment done at home instead of visiting a salon. Hair glossing kits are available are certain stores that sell beauty products. The treatment is designed to give hair a glossy finish. The effects are temporary, but it’s a perfect way to get shiny hair for a week-long wedding.

7. Blow dry like a pro

7 How to get shiny hair for a wedding

Hold each section of your hair using a round brush. Then, gently direct the blow dryer’s nozzle down the hair shafts while you’re blow drying. Once you’re done, press the cold air button on the dryer to finish it off. The cold breeze seals cuticles and gives hair that shiny coat.

8. The famous leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners aren’t your average hair care products. They help manage hair, detangle them and boost volume. Apply it twice during the week when your hair is damp and your hair is bound to shine instantly after.

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02 Jun 2016

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