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Fashion Tricks To Hide That Hickey So You Can Keep Calm & Carry On *Wink*!

Fashion Tricks To Hide That Hickey So You Can Keep Calm & Carry On *Wink*!

We all have, at one point in time, suffered from a condition. This condition has a physical appearance on your skin. It attracts attention, invites questions and can often lead to public humiliation or embarrassment too. It’s a bruise or bruise-like mark caused by the kissing or sucking of the skin, usually on the neck or the arm. It looks something like this…


Or as we call it, a hickey! A hickey or a love bite can be awkward, well, mostly for the person talking to you who is trying hard not to look directly at it. Well, you don’t need lame excuses to cover-up.


You need us! Here are six everyday fashion items found in every girl’s closet that you can use to hide your boo-boo.

1. An SOS Scarf


Easy and breezy, a pretty scarf is the most convenient accessory you can use as a cover up for the hickey. They give you a chic look by adding a fashionable spin to your outfit. Whether it’s style or scandal, no one has to know!   

Price: ₹ 520. Buy it here.

2. Turtlenecks To The Rescue


Who says turtlenecks belong only in the winter. We don’t want that kind of negativity in our lives. A turtleneck is a great and stylish way to dress up your hickey. Our favourite is this all black full-sleeve slogan top. Clever, ain’t it?

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

3. A Dupatta In Disguise


Personally, I feel wearing an Indian outfit like a salwar suit is the safest way to hide the hickey. Wearing a high-neck can give away a suspicious vibe especially at college and work. Drape your dupatta across your shoulders. Go for a pretty dupatta to drive the attention away.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

4. A Helping (Hair) Band


For the long-haired beauties, this method is a win-win. Just put on a fancy clip or a cute hairband and let your hair loose. Easy peasy, right?

Price: ₹ 1,345. Buy it here.

5. Choker Face


I’m not a fan of chokers. Don’t have one, don’t want one! They feel suffocating and, on some level, a cliche. But, God, are they a life savour in awkward situations like these. If you wear chokers regularly, you can’t go wrong with this trend. For a person like me, it might not be a good idea to attract attention where we don’t want it.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

6. Collared Shirts FTW!


“High collar and baggy pants say, ‘I’m a pro!’” – Ross Geller, S03 x E12, Friends. Finally, I’ve got a situation where the fashion-impaired Ross has helped me out with. Also a great tip for guys, by the way!

Price: ₹ 899. Buy it here.

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05 Mar 2018

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