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7 Surprising Things You DIDN'T Know About Hickeys!

7 Surprising Things You DIDN'T Know About Hickeys!

“Hickeys”- most commonly known as “love-bites” are one of the most popular ways of proclaiming your love for someone. Or it also could be your way of marking territory. Ever wanted to know more about hickeys? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Not everyone can be Iron Man

If you are someone who gets a mark easily, then it could possibly mean that you have an iron deficiency. Hmm, never thought about it that way, have you?
1 Facts about hickeys

2. A hickey can be really stubborn

No, it won’t magically go away overnight. Good luck trying to explain that mark to your mother. Teehee.

3. Spoon it

This really works - place your spoon over ice and then gently rub the spoon over your love-bite in circular motions. It still doesn’t magically disappear, but it does speed up the process. Facts about hickeys 3

4. So much love - forever

Be careful with them hickeys because it could actually leave a scar forever. FOREVER. Banner Teal

5. Oral herpes

Yes, it’s a medical condition and you could easily contract it if someone who has oral herpes gives you a hickey. Facts about hickeys 5

6. Animal instincts

We are but just animals at the end of the day. Studies have shown that human beings learned how to give each other hickeys after they started imitating other animals doing the same.

7. Thanks, Freud

If you read into dreams, then this should intrigue you. If you are dreaming about someone giving you a hickey it may very well mean that you are stuck in a relationship that you want out of.
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Published on Jun 2, 2016
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