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The First Time I Gave My Boyfriend A Hickey!

The First Time I Gave My Boyfriend A Hickey!

Although this happened 3 years ago, I still remember it as if it happened just yesterday! I used to intern at a popular media company around South Bombay. The best part was that my boyfriend stayed just 15 minutes away from my workplace. It always felt like a hop, skip and a jump whenever I paid him a visit.
It was the first month of our relationship and we were really crazy about each other. Our chemistry was like a house on fire! After I would get done with work, I’d give him a call, and he used to pick me up from office. After that we’d usually get the regular hazelnut latte at a coffee shop, talk about our day and crash at his place after. Also read: The First Time I Got Obscene Text Messages From A Guy… After snacking, we’d often cuddle, makeout and watch a great movie. To be honest, he was a fabulous lover. He knew how to turn me on, kiss me ever-so passionately and make love like no other. In short, he was pretty darn amazing in bed! I was a bit shy when it boiled down to experimenting between the sheets. One fine day after work, I stopped by at his place. While we were at it, he suddenly asked me to stop. He came close and whispered into my ear that he wanted a love bite. I gave him a confused look and he kissed me on my forehead, and told me that he wanted everyone to know that he was taken and was in a serious relationship with me. I mean, that was very thoughtful and cute, but I honestly didn’t know how to give a love bite! I didn’t want to tell him that, so I played along. Internal gave him a hickey Instead of sucking on his neck, I softly bit him. Not just once, but thrice! The lights were switched off so I assumed he didn’t notice how nervous I was. The next day while I was at work, I got a text from him saying that his mom had spotted it.
They were at a family function when she noticed these three large circular marks on his neck. While he was blushing thinking she knew what they were, she asked them if they were ring worms! To top it all, she asked the entire family to take a look at it and tell her if they were ring worms or not. My boyfriend was beyond embarrassed by the end of it. He met me after his family function and told me everything that happened that day. But, being the sport that he is, he never complained. He made a joke out of it and bought me ice-cream to cheer me up. Also read: The First Time My Boyfriend… Spanked Me!! Even with all the chaos, questions and awkwardness he had to go through, he handled it really well. Till today, his family thinks the marks were ringworms instead of love bites. But, I have to admit, that was one funny instance that neither of us, will ever forget! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jul 24, 2016
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