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Don’t Let Your Ex Make You Restless: 15+ Ways To Get Over A Heartbreak

Don’t Let Your Ex Make You Restless: 15+ Ways To Get Over A Heartbreak

Sleepless nights, that gnawing emptiness, the haunting flashbacks, endless breakup songs, and a constantly aching heart. Breakups are tough, we get it! It hits you especially hard when you have just parted ways with someone who you thought was your soulmate or someone you legit thought you’d spend the entire life with.

However, the truth is that life doesn’t really end after a failed relationship. The truth is also that not all of us are lucky enough to hit the jackpot in the very first relationship meaning that quite a lot of relationships are doomed. And that’s okay, heartaches are a part of life and you can actually sail through them provided you know how to get over a breakup. That said, it is no rocket science to let go of heartache and you can actually get over a relationship in a few micro-steps. Wondering what they might be? Scroll through to recover from a breakup:


Indulge In Self-Care

do self care to recover from breakups



All that love that you think has been snatched away from you after a breakup, give it to yourself! If how to get over your ex is the biggest question on your mind right now then some indulgent self-care is certainly the easiest answer and also the first step towards moving on. Recover from a breakup by indulging in self-care:

  • Therapy
  • Medication
  • Eat Well
  • CTM


Highly overlooked, therapy is perhaps the most supreme form of self-care. It means that you recognise that you have been going through something that needs help to deal with and actively seek that help. It is not just one of the ways to get over a breakup fast but also a certain sign of personal growth. If you have been facing difficulties in processing your emotions then it might take a huge toll on your mental health in the long run and we thus suggest that you seek therapy. 


Yes, a lot has happened and yes it might be really painful. And this is why it is extremely important to be at peace. This is why we suggest that you roll out that yoga mat, light subtly scented candles, and go inside and calm your soul with a full-blown meditation session. Be it how to get over a breakup as a teenager or as an adult, it always helps to look within, be grateful, and find your inner peace through meditation. 


Eat Well

Strictly seek fun tips on how to move on after a breakup? Eating it all would be our advice! Eat that cheesecake and also that dense chocolate ice-cream tub while you wait for extra cheese burst pizza to arrive. And once you are done with the junk binge, don’t forget to eat nice, nutritious food as well.


While a meditation session and therapy would make you feel better, a nice TLC session would make you both look and feel better. Skincare is an integral part of self-care and we highly recommend you go for a heavy-duty CTM routine to look absolutely radiant while you are at it. Also, don’t forget the sheet masks, lot’s of them!


Reconnect With Loved Ones

reconnect with loved ones



Here’s a million-dollar lesson: if you know how to reconnect with your loved ones, then you certainly know how to get over a breakup quickly! It is during your lowest lows that your friends and family soothe you the best. If you have been actively looking for tips to get over a breakup then here’s what you need to know:


Talk To Them

If how to get over a breakup is the question haunting you right now with no possible answers in sight then perhaps you need to share this with someone who has a way of looking at things differently. Be it your mom or your best friend, all of us have that person in life who looks at life differently and makes us look at everything in a new light. Also, sometimes it’s not the heartache or the emotions that trouble us but the fact that we keep them bottled up becomes the real problem. Well, reach out to that loved one, talk to them about it and chances are that you will feel the weight lifting in no time. 

Vacation/ Holiday

Plan that vacation! We are sure that you have one of those dream holiday destinations that you’ve long been eyeing. Well, now is the best time to take a break, make some impromptu plans with your close gang and paint that town red. You deserve it!


Tell Them How Much They Mean To You

Loved pampering your partner and really miss that now? Well, it’s beautiful that you have so much love to give and that is why it is very important that it reaches the right people. Tell your people how much they mean to you, pamper them, get them gifts, and you’ll realise that it is fine as long as you get to love someone. This tip is especially effective if you have been wondering how to get over a breakup when you still love them. 


Avoid Toxic Patterns

tips for moving on after a breakup



If you have been looking for tips to get over a breakup then you also need to know what not to do after a breakup. From the urge to call your ex to self-destructive behaviour as a means of forgetting the pain is something that a lot of people tend to do after a breakup. Sadly, this is just self-sabotage and should be avoided at all costs if how to get over a breakup is what you really seek to understand. 

Block Them

Block them to forget about it, block to let go, block them for your own peace of mind. Not only blocking them will stop you from constantly checking up on their social media updates and what’s going on in their life but would also stop you from reaching out to them in your weak moments. If how to move on after a breakup when you are still in love happens to be your concern then we advise that you block them at least for the time until you feel better about the situation.


Don’t Shit Talk Them Too Much

Just like constantly fantasizing about them is not going to do you any good, continuously talking bad about them would not do you any good either. The fact is no matter how or what you talk about them, you are still actively discussing your ex which is not a healthy exercise if how to move over a breakup happens to be your concern. 

Don’t Get Into A Rebound

More often than not, rebound relationships are a terrible idea especially because being on rebound means you are still stuck in your past and you have a lot of figuring out to do. When you are trying to figure out how to move on after a breakup, then a rebound relationship should be the last thing on your mind. Not only would this end up culminating into added stress for you but would also be unfair to whoever gets involved with you. Remember just because you are on a rebound and in a certain space of mind does not mean that it is the case with another person as well. They might end up getting seriously involved with you and you can cause a lot of heartache to them if you fail to reciprocate the sentiments.


Don’t Fantasize About Getting Them Back

DO NOT fantasize about getting them back or making plans towards the same end. This is a toxic exercise that effectively hampers the moving-on process for you. This is especially applicable to you if you have been thinking about how to get over a breakup as a teenager. Teenagers and relatively younger people tend to get involved in a lot of wishful thinking post heartbreaks and we highly advise against it if you truly want to move on. The decision to move on itself implies that you have no intention of getting back with your ex anyway. Why hamper the process by indulging in aimless fantasies? 

Social Media Detox

No matter what you do, do not stalk your ex on social media. No good comes out of it. Thus, if how to get over a breakup is your question then a social media detox is the easiest answer. Uninstall social media apps from your phone or deactivate your account for a while. This will help you stay off from stalking your ex and help you move on.  


Vent It Out And Let Go



To fully get over a relationship or a particular person, it is very important to let it all out and vent. If you ask for tips to get over a breakup then this would be our number #1 advice. Here’s what you’d have to do:



Yes, you read that right: scream! Sometimes screaming is extremely therapeutic and a very effective way to let go of emotional pain. 

Breakup Playlist

Make a breakup playlist consisting of songs that remind you why you are better off without that toxic relationship and also that you are good enough on your own. Having a kickass breakup playlist is one of the most effective ways to get over a breakup and not only will these breakup songs have you move on but also feel great about yourself.


Write Down Everything Negative About Them

On days when things get too hard and you feel like you can not live without your ex, do yourself a favour and write down everything negative about them. Keep this list handy, this will serve as an easy reminder of why you’re better off without that relationship. 

Write A Hate Mail But Don’t Send It

Feel like you didn’t get closure? Well, closure is a very subjective idea and you can get yours by writing a hate mail to them and venting it all out. Here’s the catch though: don’t send it! Writing that mail and venting it out is all the closure you need and you’ll surely feel incredibly at ease once you do this exercise. 


Focus On Self Growth

ways to recover from breakups



Focusing on self-growth and rebuilding yourself is the most constructive way to get over a person or relationship. For everyone asking how to get over a breakup, here’s what you need to do:



Not only will a regular workout routine help you with a healthier body and skin but it will also help in elevating your self-esteem and making you feel happier on a day to day basis. 

Re-evaluate your goals

If you are freshly out of a toxic relationship then chances are that you must have been overlooking a lot of personal goals. From learning a new life skill to visiting new places, it can be anything. The idea is to re-evaluate your goals and dreams, the ones that you had put on the back burner to prioritize your relationship. Pursuing these goals would get you in a different direction in no time and you wouldn’t even realise when how to get over a breakup would seize being your problem. 


Vision Board

Make a vision board, write about everything you want from life, where exactly you see yourself in 5 years and visualise what or where you’ll get once you achieve all that you want in life. This will help you get a new direction in life.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that getting over a breakup is at times a slow and gradual process and thus it is important that we don’t lose sight of the goal. There is a reason why you had to let go of that person and that relationship and it is important that you keep moving forward. Rest assured, if how to get over a breakup is your concern, then self-awareness is the answer and we hope the tips that we just shared will help you with the same.


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