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 20 Things That Lead To A Break-Up In Most Relationships

20 Things That Lead To A Break-Up In Most Relationships

When you start dating someone, they become your world and nothing they do seems wrong to you. You can never imagine a day without them and losing them becomes your biggest nightmare.

But break-ups are a part and parcel of life. People fall out of love and some even feel that it was infatuation all throughout. Here are some reasons that lead to a break-up in most relationships. Read on!

1. Lack Of Communication

If both of you are unaware of what's going on in each other's life, your relationship is headed to doom. Any bond that lacks communication is bound to fall apart.

1 Breakup Reasons

2. Lack Of Trust

There's no point in dating your partner if he/she doesn't trust you or believe what you say or vice versa. This will eventually result in a break-up.

3. Infidelity

Cheating on your partner is an unpardonable mistake. Also, it's never a mistake, it's always a choice. Think about it!

4. Unrealistic Expectations

Expectations always lead to disappointments. Most couples end up demanding far too much than the other can offer or deliver. This usually results in them falling apart.

4 Breakup Reasons

5. Boredom

Complacency is a synonym for the death of a relationship. If you or your partner is bored and feel that the relationship is getting stale, it's the end.

6. Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings creep up when there is a lack of communication or when you give out inadequate information to your partner. It's important to talk it out else you'll end up parting ways.

7. Bad Habits

Bad habits die hard, they say. If they don't care about hygiene or get addicted to drugs and refuse to quit, you'll definitely call it quits!

7 Breakup Reasons

8. Never-Ending Arguments

Arguments are inevitable. No two people are the same and hence there'll always be a difference of opinion. But incessant quarrels that go unresolved, kill a relationship.

9. Jealousy And Insecurities

Unwarranted jealousy or unexplainable insecurities are the root cause of most tussles. They can trigger a breakup in a relationship.

10. Lying and Hiding

When you feel the need to hide or lie to your partner, fearing that they may not understand your side of the story, your relationship has already fallen apart.

10 Breakup Reasons

11. Bad Sex

Compatibility in the bedroom is a vital ingredient of a successful relationship. There have been numerous instances when bad sex has been the reason behind a break-up.

12. Control Issues

If your partner likes to dictate too much or wants to have an upper hand in the relationship, chances are you'll want to break free from his/her shackles.

13. Finances

If one of you is a spendthrift and the other is wise with money, there will be tiffs. Finances are an important part of any bond. If the two don't roll the same way, and cannot adjust to each other, there can be an eventual fallout.

13 Breakup Reasons

14. Over-Possessiveness

No matter what camaraderie you share with your friend of the opposite gender, if your partner always feels threatened, it could be the beginning of the end. There's a fine line behind being protective and possessive.

15. Different Priorities

For some, their partner is their whole world, but for others, their partner is just a part of their world. When priorities are different and couples aren't on the same page, they part.

16. Constant Nagging

Constant complaints, scolding, criticisms and sarcastic remarks usually disturb the one at the receiving end. This can sour the bond, ending up in a break-up.

16 Breakup Reasons

17. Smothering

You have a life beyond the relationship and need some space. Suffocating the partner or clinging on too much can piss them off. If you don't give them space, they'll walk away.

18. Public Humiliation

Insulting your partner in front of your friends will not make you look cool only make you lose him/her. Disrespecting someone is harsh and jeopardises the relationship.

19. Comparison To Other People Around

Nobody's perfect. You must love your partner beyond their imperfections. Constant comparison to people around can lower their self-esteem and result in a break-up.

19 Breakup Reasons

20. Abuse

Physical or mental, both kinds of abuses can scar your partner. In such situations, there is no chance for a relationship to continue for long.

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Published on Jul 21, 2018
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