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10 Effective Tips for Smooth & Soft Butt

How to get a smooth butt is a question many of us have secretly wondered about. Doing lunges daily will definitely perk up your bottom, but that’s not the only thing you need to do for a gorgeous backside. We will give you a few booty beauty tips for a smooth butt. Follow these skincare, makeup and diet tricks to get rid of butt acne and to make your derriere look nothing short of stunning. Kim K, you better watch your backside! 😉

How To Get A Smooth Bum?

Getting a smooth butt is easier than you can imagine. If you want to be beach-ready, just follow in with a good diet, good hygiene and some makeup. Here are all the tips on how to get a smooth butt.

1. Get Bump-Free

1 how to get a smooth butt

Prevent bumps, acne and clogged pores on your booty by using a gentle body scrub once or twice a week. If you’ve been ignoring your bottom while exfoliating, then now’s the time to start. Pick one that contains salicylic acid for super-smoothness, like L’Oreal Paris Go 360 Degree Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub. This is especially important if you are prone to a bit of acne on your otherwise smooth butt. You can also apply a topical ointment like Differin 0.1% Cream to treat those embarrassing spots.


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2. Shower After You Sweat

You’re probably thinking that’s pretty obvious, but we’ve all lazed around in our sweaty clothes after a rigorous workout session or after a hot day in the sun. It’s a bad habit as staying in your sweaty clothes can lead to bacterial growth, so make it a point to shower as soon as you can, and use a loofah to give yourself a good scrubbing.

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3. Curb Cellulite

3 how to get a smooth butt


If you are wondering how to get a clear bum? Take our suggestion and start dry-brushing your bum as your life depends on it to minimize those dreaded cellulite problems. Use a brush with bristles made out of natural fiber and scrub in circular motions on dry skin. The best time to do it is before a shower. Along with getting rid of dry skin, body brushing helps tighten skin, promotes cell renewal and increases blood circulation in the area. Check out the other ways you can bust cellulite.

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4. Deal With The Hair

A full Brazilian wax involves taking care of bum fuzz as well (if you want it) – so you know what to expect when you book yourself in for one. If having your nether regions yanked isn’t something you really want to do, then you can take care of it yourself by trimming in the shower. Shaving may be a tempting idea, but trust us, it’s not the smartest decision. You really don’t want to end up with cuts and nicks in that area. Ouch!

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5. Make Sure To Moisturize

5 how to get a smooth butt

Like the rest of your skin, you would definitely want a soft butt! Try and use an oil-free cream as you don’t want to break out into any embarrassing butt-acne, especially since bikini season is around the corner. You can’t go wrong with good old baby lotion.

6. Fake A Rounder Bum

A little bit of makeup to hide stretch marks and sagging can help boost your confidence on your beach vacay this summer. All you need is some bronzer or a self-tanning spray or lotion to help make your booty look rounder. First, apply some base all over your bum to cover up stretch marks, bumps and bruises. Then, add your self-tanner along the crevices under your bum. Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning is great for some butt-contouring.

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7. Know Your Big Booty Foods

There are certain kinds of food that almost invariably add volume to your butt – nuts, peanut butter, brown rice, cottage cheese, or paneer and most meats and proteins. Fuel up on these foods if you’ve always wanted a fuller, rounder smooth butt; and if you’ve been dealing with big-butt problems since forever, then you know what to cut down on.

Butt Acne

8. Watch Out For Period Problems

It’s especially important to wash thoroughly during your period – after all, backflow happens! If pads cause irritation on the delicate skin of your bottom thanks to friction, then it may be a good idea to switch to tampons. Don’t be intimidated, we tell you why tampons are actually a great idea.

9. Pick Your Panties Wisely

how to get a smooth butt (9) Sometimes it’s better to look beyond the style of your undies, the fabric makes a huge difference. Materials that do not trap sweat or cause too much friction help get you a smooth butt. You can never go wrong with cotton. You may want to switch to seamless panties to avoid the elastic/seam from digging into your skin, causing pressure marks and affecting your blood circulation. Also, It’s not a great idea to wear those thongs and G-strings too often as the “string” can cause irritation.


10. Limit The Sugar Intake 

We all surely love eating sugary snacks, a chocolate bar or a bag full of candies while watching our favorite TV series. Though there’s no surprise that sugar results in putting on some extra pounds and contributes to breakouts, but also damages the body’s collagen and elastin that leads to wrinkles, well yes, you heard it right… wrinkles on the bum and it surely does not look good. So it’s time to ditch those sugary snacks ASAP!

Home Remedies For Smooth Buttocks

Having a smooth butt is what every girl aspires for especially during bikini season. Along with tips and tricks to get smooth butt given above, we can help you to achieve it with easy home remedies. En route to your kitchen and know how to get smooth butt.

1. Coconut Oil

Believe it or not, coconut oil is a solution to one and all problems when it comes to your skin. For a smooth pimple-free butt, coconut oil is one-stop solution. It helps to keep sebum production under control, pacifies inflammation and helps to fight bacterias to give that smooth butt a go for bikini season.

2. Glycerin and Lemon Juice

Glycerin and lemon juice are a great combination when it comes to skin problems. The acidic elements in lemon juice work perfectly in sync with the supple and smooth glycerin. The lemon juice helps to control melanin production. A teaspoon of glycerin and lemon juice mixed together must be applied on the affected areas on your butt and viola, you can get that smooth butt and how.


3. Oatmeal

Just like you take extra care of your skin on the face, it is of utmost importance to have a smooth butt. Oatmeal is a sure shot solution for that. The rough texture of oatmeal helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells on your backside. A tablespoon of roughly grounded oatmeal mixed with a pinch of turmeric and a tablespoon of yogurt makes a good mixture. Apply it as a scrub on the bum and massage for 5 minutes in a circular motion. Repeat this exercise once a week for a flawless and smooth ass.

4. Ice

If you have pimples or butt acne, you might want to consider ice. All you need to do is, grab an ice cube and rub it against the affected area on your butt. The ice will help cool the temperature down and if the pimple is puss-filled, it will help to reduce the inflammation.

5. Apple cider vinegar with Tomato

Tomato juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The juice is an easy solution to get rid of stubborn acne. Apple cider vinegar on the other hand help clearing out dirt build under the layers of skin. Add a tablespoon of tomato juice to half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Apply on the buttock region for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse it clean to get a smooth and clean butt.

So, these were some tips, tricks and home remedies for smooth buttocks. Get ready to slay the bikini season!

06 May 2016

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