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Tuesday Tutorial: How To Do Deepika’s Gorgeous Blow-Dry At Home

Tuesday Tutorial: How To Do Deepika’s Gorgeous Blow-Dry At Home

We’ll be lying if we say that we don’t have a massive girl crush on her, from her acting, to her style, to her relationship – Deepika is constantly giving us goals. And if there’s one thing we can steal from her, it’s those hair goals. Haven’t you ooh-ed and aah-ed over her signature bouncy, lush blow-out? We know we have! Well, no need to splurge on a salon experience, for we tell you how to do a voluminous blow dry at home. Now you can rock gorgeous hair that is flipped out at the ends, just like DPad, whenever you want. Get ready for your best hair day yet!

how to do a voluminous blow dry

Image Source: Deepika Padukone on Instagram

You Will Need

Step 1: After you’ve washed your hair and got out any excess water, apply your mousse from the roots to ends for that glorious volume. Rub in some argan oil from the mid-lengths to the ends for heat protection, as well as for soft smoothness. Once you’ve applied your products, rough dry your mane – this means drying your hair under the dryer using your fingers, and not a brush. Make sure to lift your roots upwards with your fingers to ensure plenty of bounce, and to prevent your hair from falling flat. Do this till your hair is 80% dry.

Step 2: Now, section away most of your hair and leave the back, bottom layer down. Start with this section by wrapping your hair around the brush, without going all the way to the ends. Now pull your roots taut while aiming your dryer at them. Basically, by pulling your hair taut, the tension is what gives it that sleek smoothness. Start by doing this at the roots. Once they are dry, then do the mid-lengths, followed by the ends. Make sure to pull your brush upwards at the same time to give your hair volume and curl.

Step 3: Do this all over your head by letting down horizontal sections, and working row by row.

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Step 4: Once you get to the crown – which is the area where you want the most bounce – dry your hair, while pulling it straight up for plenty of movement and volume. However, if you have bangs, blow-dry them downwards.

Step 5: When you’ve dried all your hair, roll the outside sections back with the brush. You can do this with only the ends or with the mid-lengths in an outward direction and blast them with cool air for those flipped out locks like Deepika. Twist your hair while unwinding it from the brush for a bit of curl, if you like.

 how to do a voluminous blow dry

Tip: Create your parting once you’ve dried your hair. Making your parting when your hair is wet can cause your hair to fall flatter than it will if you do it later.

Featured Image: Viral Bhayani

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05 May 2016

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