#Relationships: How To Deal With Jealousy The RIGHT Way!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
#Relationships: How To Deal With Jealousy The RIGHT Way!


Being jealous in a relationship is not an unusual feeling. We all feel jealous for various reasons from time to time. However, acting out of jealousy can cause problems between partners. Here are a few ways to deal with jealousy and have a harmonious relationship.

1. Learn To Recognize What You’re Feeling

Often, when we feel jealous, we act out in a passive aggressive manner without even realising that we’re actually not angry, we’re jealous! Recognize your feelings. It will save you many fights, trust us!

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2. Identify The Triggers

Think about why you’re jealous. Is it a particular situation or person that affects your feelings? Is it the way your partner is behaving? Is he not being honest with you? If he has given you reason to feel insecure, it is easy to understand. But if he hasn’t, it could just be your imagination running wild (trust issues?!). Start assessing your behaviour and thoughts. If he has never given you reason to doubt him, you need to cut him some slack!

3. Don’t Let Your Imagination Overcome You

Yes, that’s right. Stop making up scenarios in your head and believing that they’re true. If you have seen or heard something that made you feel insecure or uncomfortable, then communicate with your partner. Unless you know something is true, don’t let your thoughts drive you crazy.

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4. Put A Leash On All That Snooping!

If you’re looking to find something and you’re suspicious, chances are, you WILL find something. If you’re already convinced that something is wrong, you’ve probably already made your decision before beginning your search. We’ve all done our fair share of snooping (who hasn’t), but it doesn’t make it right.

5. Jealousy Is Not Necessarily A Bad Sign

If handled the right way, jealousy is not always bad. Sure, you can be jealous of someone from the opposite sex that he’s close to, but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you or the relationship. If you love someone, it is natural to feel a slight hint of possessiveness if he’s as close to someone else as he is to you. But try and remember that you hold a special place in his life and he wouldn’t be with you otherwise.

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6. Do Not Compare Yourself To Other People

You’re in a relationship with him and you might have seen him flirt with another girl. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It doesn’t mean he’s looking for anything more. A little harmless flirting does no harm and can even boost one’s ego. Since you choose each other to be in a relationship with everyday, there is no need to feel threatened or to compare yourself to the other women in his life.

7. Believe In Him

Show some faith, ladies. If he is treating you right and gives you all the love and respect that he can, then cut him some slack! Don’t waste your time and energy being jealous. It creates negativity and will eventually mess with your head and do more harm than good for your relationship.  

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