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Instagram Filter IRL: We Found The Fastest Way To Create Faux Freckles!

Instagram Filter IRL: We Found The Fastest Way To Create Faux Freckles!




There are two types of women in the makeup world – one, who dab concealer to hide their freckles and two, who fake their freckles using makeup products. If you belong to the latter, then you’re gonna love TikToker, Olivia Shillito Buck’s latest faux freckles beauty trick. No, it doesn’t require you to manually dot your face using a brown eyeliner, eyebrow pencil or henna. All it takes is just one spray. No kidding!

The Fastest Way To Create The Coolest Faux Freckles


In just three steps, you’re going to be able to ace this look from the comfort of your own bedroom. Let’s learn how to create faux freckles, shall we?

Step 1: She sprays her face using a root coverup product.

Note: You need to spray from a distance. If you’re too close, you’ll create a cluster of spots, keeping a distance is important here. 


Step 2: She uses a beauty sponge to soften and blend out the freshly spritzed freckles. This makes them look more natural. 


Note: When investing in a beauty sponge, look out for one that’s soft and feels gentle on the skin. The beauty sponge needs to be of fantastic quality!

Step 3: She continues to dab in different areas of her face to set and blend the spots. This is the final look!


Note: Since this is a hair product, pay attention to how your skin feels once you spray some of the product on it. If your skin starts to itch or turn red, wash the product off immediately. You can instead create faux freckles using your eyebrow pencil or any brown eyeliner!

If you want to make the freckles last longer duration, Olivia suggests using a setting spray or dust some translucent powder on them. Easy-peasy TikTok beauty hack, right?

Images: TikTok

26 Jun 2020

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