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Beauty Junkies Unite: 10 Beauty Hacks On TikTok That Deserve Your Attention!

Beauty Junkies Unite: 10 Beauty Hacks On TikTok That Deserve Your Attention!

TikTok is like another world in itself. The app is so addictive that it sucks you in like a black hole. Most of the content is created out of pure entertainment, but there a few hidden gems that are actually quite helpful (especially for beauty mavens.) Whether it's braiding your hair with socks to wake up to gorgeous curls in the morning or choosing to not blend your concealer to hide your pimples - TikTok is like a 20-something woman's BFF. 

10 Amazing Beauty Hacks We Spotted On TikTok

Who knows? Maybe one of these videos will inspire you to share your own beauty hacks with the rest of the (digital) world!

1. No More Dry Lips!

All you need is cinnamon and honey to remove the dead skin from your lips and make them super plump and smooth! If you don't have an old spoolie, you can also use a toothbrush!

2. Socks Have Superpowers!

Who knew that a pair of socks can get you gorgeous beachy waves, no? This hack is gold! No heat = no hair damage!

3. Or This Pole?

Another genius hair hack to get pretty waves - wrap a section of hair around a pipe or a pole to get those supermodel-like waves. 

4. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes To Beat The Summer Heat

As he said, all you need is aloe vera gel, an ice tray and a freezer. Store in the fridge for 4-6 hours and it's ready to use!

Skin Care

YLG Aloe Vera Gel


5. What acne?!

When scars and blemishes take forever to fade, makeup always comes to the rescue!

6. Mascara As An Eyeliner?

You probably know about using mascara to groom and fill in your brows, but what about using it as an eyeliner? Pretty cool, right?

7. Dark Circles Be Gone

In just 30 seconds, you gathered the knowledge of how to get rid of dark circles!

8. The Golden Makeup Hack

In case you missed it - moisturiser>;translucent powder>;setting spray>;foundation

Hydrating Face Combo

INR 1,499 AT POPxo

9. The Difference Between Bronzer & Contouring

Couldn't have been explained any better!

10. Blow Dryer vs Curler


MASCARA HACK! NO falsies, NO eyelash curler, just a blow dryer! Let me know if it works for you too 😊 ##fyp ##makeuphacks

♬ original sound - microwafes

The blow dryer is the winner here!

Which of these hacks do you want to try out first? Did I just hear you say, 'ALL of 'em'?!

Images: TikTok

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