10 Face Treatments for Sensitive Skin That Are Perfect for Brides!

10 Face Treatments for Sensitive Skin That Are Perfect for Brides!

Every bride wants a radiant glow and flawless look on her big day, and that only happens with you are on point with your pre-bridal skincare regime. Your bridal skincare plan depends entirely on your skin type. Today we are focussing on our beauty treatments for the bride-to-be with sensitive skin. For that lit-from-within glow on your wedding day, take the cue from these best bridal face treatments for sensitive skin.

Bridal Skin Care 1. Gel-based clean-ups

1 treatments for sensitive skin - aloe vera gel

The cooling and antibacterial properties of aloe vera gel are a boon for the treatment of sensitive skin. It is easy on the skin while thoroughly cleansing it and it takes care of any inflamed skin that follows the blackhead and whitehead removal ritual. Monthly clean-ups in the time period leading up to your wedding will ensure your skin looks flawless on D-day.

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Bridal Skin Care 2. Mild exfoliation is a must

Homemade scrubs or store-bought ones with micro-beads are ones that do the job well and aren’t too harsh on sensitive skin. Exfoliating your skin once every week is ideal to slough off dead skin and keep your skin supple and radiant. Girls who are on the lookout for bridal skin care, pick your fave scrub and get on with it!

Bridal Skin Care 3. Facials with natural ingredients

3 treatments for sensitive skin - roses milk

Using natural, nourishing ingredients like tomatoes, rose petals, milk, and more. for your facial will help you get that bridal glow without putting in too much effort. Have a word with your parlour lady beforehand and go for an au naturale facials for a glow that will last long. This is the best way for the treatment of sensitive skin.

Bridal Skin Care 4. Fresh fruit massages, anyone?

Mashup your favourite fruits and massage the paste in a circular motion on your face. The juices and nutrients of bananas and papayas will work wonders as a bridal face treatment for your skin as they gradually seep into it. Do this on a daily basis in the month leading up to your wedding and say hello to a radiance like never before.

Bridal Skin Care 5. Get Steamy

5 treatments for sensitive skin - steam

For those brides who are prone to whiteheads and blackheads, using steam on the face is a must as a treatment for sensitive skin. This will open up your pores just before your beautician squeezes out all whiteheads and blackheads. Picking your face without steaming it first can lead to scarring and blemishes. Steam also hydrates the skin and gives it a supple and healthy appearance.

Bridal Skin Care 6. Prescribed microabrasion

Want your skin to look wedding ready in a matter of moments? Book an appointment with your dermatologist and discuss microabrasion with them. Micronized crystals are used as part of this treatment to buff away dead skin cells, and this results in smooth and supple skin instantly. This can be done a week or 10 days before the wedding and since your dermat knows your skin condition, it will be done in a way that doesn’t harm your skin and acts as a great bridal face treatment.

Bridal Skin Care 7. No face packs? Try some ice!

7 treatments for sensitive skin - ice

If you have the kind of skin that doesn’t take too well to any kind of face packs - store-bought or homemade - then head straight to your refrigerator. Do not underestimate what some frozen water can do for your skin. Make it a point to scrub and cleanse your face well, and then rub a cube of ice in a circular motion all over your face. This will close all open pores, regulate blood flow and give your skin a very even-toned and glowy finish. It also takes care of any redness or inflammation caused by scrubbing and cleansing.

Bridal Skin Care 8. Peel the worries away

Chemical peels, if done under supervision after an in-depth consultation with your dermat, can ensure that there are no untimely breakouts playing spoilsport on your big day. A mild chemical peel, that contains salicylic acid, will work wonders as a bridal face treatment for your skin and ensure that you look absolutely flawless as a bride.

Bridal Skin Care 9. Essential oils for the win

9 treatments for sensitive skin - essential oils

The nourishment and boost of hydration that essential oils can give your face is unparalleled. Make it a point to give your face a massage twice a week with your favourite oil before you go to bed, and wake up to radiant and super hydrated skin. This pampering will work like magic for your bridal look as an amazing treatment for sensitive skin.

Bridal Skin Care 10. Mud packs magic

Make a paste of multani mitti and rose water or milk, and apply it all over your face and neck twice a day. This not only cleanses your skin but also gives it a taut and hydrated appearance. It also has a very cooling effect, so apply this after a long day of wedding shopping and watch how relaxed you feel after this. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

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