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How To Create 5 Different Aesthetics With Blush

How To Create 5 Different Aesthetics With Blush

I don’t think I’ve chanced upon a product as versatile as blush. You know it’s not as simple as dusting a little bit of colour on the cheeks. There are so many aesthetics you can lend to your look with the way you place this colour-inducing product on the face. And we’re going over 5 of our favourite ones today. This is a sign for you to tweak your game a little, and, honestly, it’s not as complex as you might think. Before we start off, you must keep in mind these tips to enable the effective application of blush.

Different Types Of Blush Placements

A Side-Cheek Flush: Sculpted And Defined

This one’s pretty common. You’re applying blush right onto your cheekbones instead of sweeping some along the apples of your cheeks. Continue applying outward and upward toward the outer corners of the eyes in small circular strokes. This sculpts and chisels your face instantly, and lifts your cheekbones—courtesy of strategically-placed blush. If you want to create a definition without introducing contour to the equation, this hack is ideal.

A Side-Eye Flush: Dramatic And Edgy

Also referred to as draping, this technique from the 80s is headlined by a flush of colour sitting on your side-eyes, and draping downward across your cheekbones. You’ve spotted this trend on Rihanna at the 2017 Met Gala. And on models sashaying down runways. But this look thrives in real life as well. Ensure you’re maintaining a one-arm distance from your mirror to maintain the symmetry as well as pigmentation between the two sides. Blend up, down, and out—on the cheekbones, besides the eyes, and toward the outer socket of the eyes—and start off with a light layer of blush that you can build on.

A Sunkissed Flush: Highlighted And Glowy

If you want to look like you’ve been lounging on one of the beaches in the Maldives, a sun-kissed flush is what you’re looking to replicate. Start off from the sides of the ears to the centre of the face, meander over the bridge of the nose horizontally, and onto the other side of the face to recreate the same look. To further epitomize the name of the aesthetic, you can place a little bit of blush on your eyelids, forehead, chin, and the tip of your nose—the high points of your face you’d normally highlight. But don’t go overboard—we’re recreating a summer afterglow that isn’t dramatized or enhanced excessively. These are the points the rays would fall on first when you step out into the sun. This look is best justified by cream-based or liquid-based blush.

A Natural Flush: Dewy And Understated

This look is extremely popular—it’s simple to recreate (because it’s planted right onto the apples of your cheeks), and it plays into the ‘just-returned-from-a-light-jog’ aesthetic. Just apply a little bit of blush on the apples, and swirl it out softly to create a natural-looking, healthful flush, and widen the face instantly.

An Under-Eye Flush: Soft And Aesthetic

Bridgerton or Anime? Anyhow, this under-eye trend is everywhere, and it’s just so pretty. All you have to do is apply pops of blush right underneath your eyes, and over the upper areas of your cheeks. It seems a little bizarre, but the end result is nothing short of beautiful. It’s a little like draping except that this one’s much subtler, and is centred around the under-eyes.

Blush is such a game-changer. And it’s one product we’ll never tire of. Now that we’re gravitating toward embodying a flushed, healthy glow instead of a chiselled, contoured one, it’s time to make blush our mainstay.

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22 Apr 2022

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