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The Debutants From Bridgerton Have Just Taught Us A Thing Or Two About Beauty Fads

The Debutants From Bridgerton Have Just Taught Us A Thing Or Two About Beauty Fads

Bridgerton is back and the beauty looks have only become more romantic. Season 2 of the show has brought back your favourite characters and some alluring newcomers who have made us all fall in love with periodic beauty trends of the 1800s. Rosy hues and seductively bare skin with dewy effects are the forces at play here and our interests have piqued. Take a look at the freshest looks that the new season has served because it presents Regency-era beauty looks through a modernist looking glass.

Bridgerton Season 2 Beauty Trends We Can All Get Behind

Skin Fling

Whether or not the Regency-era beauty standards required less or more base makeup, season 2 of Bridgerton definitely gives a nod to a minimalistic approach. Foundation was kept to a minimum to make the actors look radiant from within. Adding coverage only where necessary.

Sleek Serenade

The hairstyles are elaborate yet are much sleeker this season than the last. Half-up styles, braids, and regal hair accessories like hats, feathers, and crowns are the theme for hair grooming throughout and we’re loving it. They are more adaptable and wearable IRL and so we are all eyes for the hair game this season.

Curl Power

Loose curls dominate this time around and we aren’t complaining. A perfect example would be Penelope Featherington’s mane but we also see exceptional loose curls incorporated in updos of the other cast as well. This texture makes the hairdos look more alluring and plays up the romance like no other.

Diamond Glow

Even though highlighter isn’t exactly a 19th-century cosmetic, our 21st-century love for naturally, dewy skin which is backed by the product has made the cut this season. A touch of highlighter is used ever so often for the outdoor day shots in the show while the glow-boosting product is layered even heavier for the ballroom scenes.

Doe Eyes

Attaining that doe-eyed effect for a natural eye lift and contour is one of our favourite trends from the show. White or pearlescent neutral eyeshadow on the lids and lash lines is balanced with brown hues in the crease to add shadow and dimension. It’s a natural eye makeup style that is worth bookmarking for a wide-eyed effect.

Tonal Truce

To romanticise the diverse casts’ various skin tones, tonal makeup was used in the most genius manner. For the Sharma sisters, especially Kate, bronze hues were used to put the spotlight on that natural Indian skin tone while rosy hues were used for Penelope Harrington and the other caucasian cast. Similarly, nude lipstick was the staple for the warmer complexions whereas pinks were used for those with fairer complexions.

We are so excited to have Bridgerton back on screen and we are definitely going to be taking these beauty cues to romanticise our own lives off-screen. 

Featured Images: Instagram

28 Mar 2022

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