5 Creative Ways To Wear Blush If You Are An Anime Fan

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Oct 26, 2021
5 Creative Ways To Wear Blush If You Are An Anime Fan


Love Anime? We do too. It’s no surprise that this form of adult cartoons are just so fascinating to watch. Apart from the engaging story lines, each of the characters portrayed in every show has their own unique style aesthetics. Their spin on animated realism leads us makeup enthusiasts to believe that we too can hone these characters’ animated expressions, be it so through makeup. After all, makeup is an art and a form of expression. 

Anime characters express the reaction of blushing very uniquely and the internet has already caught on to recreating those artistic portrayals of emotion through makeup. Check out these Anime blush makeup aesthetics that are trending on social media.

5 Anime Blush Aesthetics To Try Out

Hearty Heat

For a cute spin on blush, apply it in heart shapes to the apples of your cheeks. You can cut out paper hearts and use it as a stencil or simply draw the shapes with a lip and cheek pencil.

High Up

Apply blush just beneath the outer corners of your eyes and above your cheekbones. It will sculpt and shape your face to make your features look more pixie-like. Bonus: it also makes your cheekbones pop like no other makeup hack on the internet.

Graphic Flush

Want to make your blush look more animated? After using a powder blush on your cheeks, draw on slanting strokes of pink across your cheekbones and nose. Highlight your nose for added glow.

Freckled Blush

Pair fruity blush hues with a touch of faux freckles for an au naturel makeup look that gives you a unique sun-kissed glow. Blend blush across your cheeks and nose and then use a tinted eyebrow gel to draw faux freckles over it.

Star Power

For a touch of whimsy to your makeup look, elevate your blush with multi-coloured star stickers. It is unconventional and playful. The blush style to rock to express your creative side boldly.

If you are down to try out these amazing anime-inspired blush looks, you will need the right products to recreate them perfectly. We recommend:

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