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How To Stay Sweat-Free & Gorgeous Even In Heavy Shaadi Outfits!

Sanya JainSanya Jain  |  Jun 8, 2016
How To Stay Sweat-Free & Gorgeous Even In Heavy Shaadi Outfits!


While summer weddings are a lot of fun, wearing heavily-embroidered silk lehengas and sarees is certainly not! Heavy shaadi clothes may look gorgeous but they also lead to a lot of sweating. So how do you see to it that you glow (not sweat) during a summer function? Simply by keeping these tips in mind to control sweating:

1. Bathe Before You Get Ready

Right before you put on your gorgeous lehenga and do your makeup, go take a shower with anti-bacterial soap. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but this is just a friendly reminder from our side that bathing will help wash away the excessive body and face sweat and make you feel refreshed. Also, to keep underarm sweating in control, make sure that they are waxed or shaved.

2. Cake Yourself with Talcum Powder

Use a good talcum powder on every part of your body before you put on your heavy lehenga. We mean your underarms, belly, legs, arms and waist. Even between your boobs, since your cleavage also sweats. The powder will ensure that the moisture is absorbed and your clothes don’t stick to you. This trick can help you avoid some major discomfort at your wedding, so get powdering! 2 control sweating

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is not only good for your skin, it also helps prevent excessive sweating by letting your skin breathe. We recommend that you exfoliate well in the days leading up to the function to get rid of product buildup and reduce sweating. Use a good loofah on your underarms, since the armpits tend to sweat the most.

4. Use an Antiperspirant

This is the most important point in the list. Using an antiperspirant slows down the production of sweat, making sure that you don’t sweat under your beautiful blouse. A lot of brides like to remain on the safe side by using a medical-grade antiperspirant like Certain Dri. If you are getting married in this humid weather, you could also invest in heavy-duty antiperspirants. However, please make sure that you try them out at least a month before the wedding to make sure that they suit your skin. Some people tend to get rashes while using new products, so we strongly suggest you don’t use this right before the big day. 4 control sweating

5. Invest in Sweat Pads

Silk is not a fabric made for humid summers, but we know that your shaadi ka lehenga is probably silk or some other such heavy fabric. If you are wearing a half-sleeved blouse with it, consider using underarm sweat pads to absorb the sweat. After all, you don’t want your wedding pictures with annoying armpit sweat circles, do you? banner

6. Breathable Linings

Another way to deal with the constant sweating is by wearing breathable fabrics like cotton which absorb the moisture. Since your wedding lehenga or gown will probably not be made of cotton, try to see that at least their lining is. A silk skirt with a soft cotton lining is easier to manage than, say, a satin lining which will stick to your legs. 6 control sweating

7. Make Up Your Face Right

While you can camouflage sweat on other parts of your body, doing it on the face is a little bit harder. Everyone can differentiate between the newlywed glow and the sweaty look of exhaustion on your face. You can, however, use the correct kind of makeup to ensure that your facial sweating stays to a minimum. A mineral compact, like this one by MAC, will absorb the oil and ensure that your face looks fresh and glowing. Make sure your beautician keeps this compact handy so you can touch up if the need arises.

8. Watch Your Diet

Certain foods tend to trigger sweating in the body, so stay away from them! Processed and fatty food items like bread and junk food, onions, garlic and alcohol can increase sweat production in the body. On the big day, keep your diet fresh, light and healthy with loads of salads and no fizzy drinks! 8 control sweating

9. And Finally…Mask the Body Odour

The biggest drawback to sweat is the body odour that accompanies it. We suggest that you use a good and long-lasting perfume to mask the smell. A good perfume will ensure that you come out of the function smelling like a rose (literally!). Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: #ShaadiSeason: 9 New Styles To Look Awesome At Every Function! MUST-READ: 7 Cute Hairstyles For A Summer Wedding!