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Your Ultimate Guide On How To Chip-Proof Your Nails While Swimming

Your Ultimate Guide On How To Chip-Proof Your Nails While Swimming

Summer is here, and I was drowning myself in articles complete with tips for swim-proofing my hair and skin. And, then, I looked down at my manicured nails, and I had an epiphany. No one talks about swim-proofing your nails. And that struck me as odd. Naturally, I’ve scoured the internet for handy tips that I think both of us might benefit from. Whether you’re vacationing by the beach or plunging into a pool at a hotel, these suggestions are legitimate.

It’s Time We Talk About Swim-Proofing Your Nails

Prep Your Nails

Before you paint them, prep them by filing and buffing them. This step eliminates bumps and ridges that can disrupt the application. Slide your filer across your nails in one direction. Remember to start from the edges, and work your way toward the centre. And smoothen the surface of the nails by buffing them. An older, unremoved manicure or unsmooth surface can result in peeling and chipping.

Create A Base

Applying a base coat is sacrosanct. It prevents your nails from staining and fills in any ridges on the surface for seamless application of the polish.

Avoid Shaking The Bottle

This is a no-no. When you’re shaking your nail-polish bottle, you’re creating bubbles. They will stick to your brush, and transfer to your nails.

Glitter-Proof Your Nails

Yeah, it’s true, glitter-based polishes don’t chip easily. They’re pretty resilient. This is one of the easiest ways to peel-proof your nails–no additional step is required. And even if they do chip a little, it’s not quite noticeable. Just retrieve your go-to glitter polish, and start painting!

Or Gel-Proof Them

Like glitter, gel polish doesn’t chip or peel easily. And it lasts for a longer time. But we suggest doing this at the salon for proper application of the formula.

Apply Thin Layers

I get it. It sounds logical–painting your nail with thicker-than-ever streaks of polish with the idea of chip-proofing them. But it’s pretty counter-productive. Applying multiple layers of polish renders your nails susceptible to chipping and flaking. You mustn’t exceed two coats. Keep it thin.

Pause Between Coats

Don’t rush your mani. If you’re applying a second coat without allowing the first one to dry, you’re going to see your polish chip off in unsightly sheets soon. And, c’mon, you can wait for two minutes before re-applying polish.

Ice Them

Sounds bizarre. And unpleasant. But submerging your nails in water can build your polish’s strength and resistance. Right after coating your nails with polish (paint and base-coat), plunge them into a bowl of water containing cubes of ice. Don’t remove them for a minimum of five minutes. And when you have, you’ll notice that your nails are dry, and now, chip-proof.

Top ‘Em Up

This one’s a no-brainer. But it’s a step we shrug off because we’re lazy that way. Applying a top coat is non-negotiable. It seals in your polish and forms a protective seal over the surface of the nail to prevent chipping.

Some Goodies To Nail The Chip-Proofing

All About That Base

This one does the groundwork. Literally. This one’s formula improves colour reflection, enhances brightness and brings out shine—time to put those nails to good use, no?

More Glitter, Less Bitter


Just what we were looking for: glitter-studded polish! This nail kit, equipped with 5 high-shine formulas, is ideal for your at-home mani. Made with a chip-resistant, non-toxic formula, these polishes are perfect for when you’re on a budget but need a salon-like finish at home. Add this kit to your wishlist before it sells out!

If you’re looking for a top-coat that delivers on its chip-free proposition, this is it. This plant-based product forms a protective barrier over your nail and stays on for 7 days without fading or chipping.

And that’s it. These are so easy to replicate at home, aren’t they? Now, dive into any watering hole – whether containing chlorine or sea salt – without worrying about your newly-painted nails.

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12 Apr 2022

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