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News Flash: You’ve Been Filing Your Nails Wrong All This While!

News Flash: You’ve Been Filing Your Nails Wrong All This While!




Life is not perfect but your nails can be!

One of the most important parts about nail care is filing them ‘coz you cannot nail it right without shaping them properly. It hardly takes a minute to file a nail but guess what, there’s a 90% chance that you might be filing your nails the wrong way!

Time To File Your Nails, Correctly!


Thanks to Miss Rona, we can only dream about getting a manicure from a professional so we do what we do best, try to mimic their style as much as possible. And we end up using a lousy nail filer to file our nails back and forth till we get the desired shape.

Sorry to break your bubble but you’re doing it all wrong!

The Right Tools


The first step is to gather all your nail tools before you get started. Your options being:

– The disposable nail filer that almost feels like sandpaper

– The classic metal one

– The glass nail file

– The cushion board nail file

Please don’t say that you use the one that comes *built-in* with your nail cutter 😭

We would suggest you to not choose metal or the glass one as they are not flexible and really rough on the nails too. You can use a metal filer on your toenails as they are thick as compared to the nails on your hands.

Prep ’em Up


Now that you’ve selected your tool, it’s time to prep your nails. Just dipping your nails in water for a minute is one of the quickest ways to prep them as they become soft and it’s easier to cut/shape them.

Know Your Direction


To ensure you do not damage your nails while shaping them, follow the same stroke pattern. Yes, do NOT file your nails back and forth (even if it gets the job done quickly) ‘coz it can cause (micro) tears in the nail bed which will lead to nail breakage. Imagine you’re playing the violin; move your filer in one direction to achieve the desired shape. But you don’t have to file the entire nail in one direction–file one side in one direction and the other side in another. This way you’ll get #ManicuristApproved nails easily, without damaging them.

Great Nails Are *Buff*ering!


Yay! You’ve successfully managed to shape your nails but, you’re not done yet! Have you noticed those weird, flaky residuals on your nail tips after you’ve filed them and that *white dust*? Yeah, you gotta buff them.

Buffing is a technique where you gently file your nails using a nail buff that smoothens the nail tips. You can also use it on the top of your nails (nail bed) for a perfect finish.


Show It Some Love

After you’ve filed your nails correctly, it’s time to show them some love.

Wash your hands first to remove any residue, followed by the application of a hand and nail creme. To add a dose of moisture, massage your nail tips with a vitamin E capsule or cuticle oil.

Finally, add a pop of colour and you’re done!

Ps: Life’s too short for badly filed nails. 

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