#MyStory: His Best Friend Was Dating My Best Friend. And Then…

AnonymousAnonymous  |  May 5, 2016
#MyStory: His Best Friend Was Dating My Best Friend. And Then…

My friend had gotten up to some mischief, so her parents had decided to stop her from talking to any boys. So the only way she could contact her still-confused would-be-boyfriend was by calling me from her mum’s phone, and I would pass her message on to him.

I literally became her messenger; but I was not the only one. Around the same time, her boyfriend managed to ruin his phone by dropping it in water. So the only way I could send her message on to him was through his best friend, Rishi. So Rishi and I were talking to each other more than our besties, who were actually dating.

However, Rishi and I never actually had a real conversation; we just stuck to our duty of relaying the messages from our friends. He never tried to find out anything about me, and initially I thought maybe he was too uptight. Sometimes I would feel that he was getting irritated by those messages I was sending on behalf of my bestie. One day, I just apologized to him for bothering him often with those messages. I texted him: “I am sorry I bother you every day with these messages.”

He casually replied: “Nah, you don’t need to be sorry, we are doing this for our friends. I totally understand. :)”

That smiley at the end of his message proved to me that he wasn’t rude or uptight at all!

Though we texted each other every day, I knew very little about him, and somehow I was curious to know more about him. But soon our duty as messengers came to an end, as both our friends got their phones back. And I started missing Rishi. But after some time, it became more like out of sight, out of mind.

After a month, I got a text from him: “Hey, how are you? What are you doing?”

internal texting relationship

And that one message led to non-stop chats between us. This time, it was more about us and eventually we started talking over the phone. We discussed serious issues of the world, gave each other advice and started calling each other sweetheart and honey.

We both knew this was developing into more than just a friendship. But during one of our conversations, he had mentioned that after a rather bad breakup, he had lost faith in the whole idea of love. He was scared of being in a relationship, and so I took my time to be sure about my feelings before telling him anything. But after some time I just couldn’t help it and told him about my feelings for him. The moment I told him, a voice in my head said, “You shouldn’t have told him, stupid girl.”

To my surprise, he said, “I love you too, but don’t ever hurt me, I am trying this relationship thing for the last time.”

We met for the first time two days after that conversation. This year we will be celebrating our fifth Valentine’s Day together!

* Names changed to protect privacy

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