#HeSays: 7 Ways Guys *Actually* Show They Have A Crush On You!

POPxo ManPOPxo Man  |  Aug 19, 2016
#HeSays: 7 Ways Guys *Actually* Show They Have A Crush On You!

Crushes! They’re amazing and they’re confusing. But there are some typical things all of us guys do when we have a crush on you girls…just so you realize our feelings. Here are a few of them!

1. We annoy you…

Yes, a second grade tactic, but we can’t help it. From back then to date, we feel like if we pull your hair you’ll understand that we like you. Sorry!

1 how guys show they have a crush

2. We like, literally, everything you post. 😛

We mean from that cat video you shared to your latest display picture to your grandparents’ anniversary picture that you posted – EVERYTHING!

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3. We watch you. A lot.

We can’t help it and we don’t really want to – we love to stare at you whenever we’re with you. And we do hope secretly that we look more Brad Pitt while we do it than creepy stalker guy.

4. We try and compliment you all the time!

We will notice the haircut you got even if you didn’t actually get one… You get what we mean?

4 how guys show they have a crush

5. We use a bit too many pickup lines…

Some of them we’re sure will make you blush, some of them will make you laugh at us. We’re okay with either of those results!

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6. We reply within seconds!

No matter where we are and what we’re doing, if you text us – we’ll reply ASAP. No waiting 3 days like in the movies. We don’t have that much self-control. 😀

7. We try to hint at how amazing we would be together…

Well, isn’t this one a bit obvious? If we’re crushing on you, you will know, ladies. We’ll make sure of it, because no matter how subtle we try to be, it won’t be enough subtle enough!

7 how guys show they have a crush (1)

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