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Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Sexting For The *First* Time!

Sunday Shorts: 3 HOT Tales Of Sexting For The *First* Time!

1. Better late than never

We were in a long distance relationship and it was quite unbearable. After two years of meeting every six months, there was an urgent need to find a middle ground, to make ends meet, so to speak. One Friday night, when both of us were at home, I decided to break the ice with – ‘It is so hot, I’ve decided to just not wear anything.’

That one sentence was enough to make his brain run amuck. A WhatsApp conversation soon became a video chat where we were sharing our deepest, darkest sexual desires and fantasies with each other like never before. We felt connected and the moment was so intimate – and also very wild. We went on till the wee hours of the morning until we dozed off next to each other, with our laptop screens in between.

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We have been at it ever since. And it has only brought us closer.


1 sexting for the first time

2. Right after the kiss

We’d been seeing each other for only a couple of weeks but the excitement to keep meeting each other was uncontainable. It was just one of those wintry evenings when we met for a long walk… We were holding hands and he was casually brushing his hand around my waist until suddenly he spotted a secluded corner and we had our first ever kiss. It was obviously not perfect but we both went back home blushing and thinking about it.

That’s how the first sexting conversation started too. He sent me a text saying, ‘I want to kiss you again, but not just on your lips. I want kiss your entire body.’ That led to a string of many, many more naughty texts and also broke any bone of awkwardness we had between us! And now I am not shy to sext him my hottest, wildest fantasies and have him react immediately!

2 sexting for the first time


3. Sometimes, it’s just not enough!

I am an extremist. Either I’m in it or I’m not! Lucky for me, I found a guy who lived the same way. When we had our first real fight, we didn’t speak to each other for a few hours. I was as restless as he was yet none of us took the first step to patch things up. Then I received a snapchat that said, ‘Let’s kiss and make up’. Turns out, nothing else was needed to start a conversation that was a perfect blend of naughty and nice!

Before we knew it, we were sexting each other and telling each other about the things we had never done. It actually turned out to be super erotic! I got to know so much of what he wants me to do and vice versa. We met later that evening and did all that we spoke about to each other – because sometimes, you just can’t get enough of some people!

3 sexting for the first time

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27 Apr 2017

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