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Honeymoon Planning Made Easy: 11 Genius Tips You NEED To Know!

Honeymoon Planning Made Easy: 11 Genius Tips You NEED To Know!

There are no two ways about the fact that your honeymoon is really important. After all the fun yet tiring wedding ceremonies, months of planning and the emotional ups and downs, this one trip is so desperately needed! This one holiday guarantees you get some alone time with your husband and, for sure, no other holiday can be as romantic. 😉 To get the best out of this one trip, here are a few tips you absolutely must read.

1. Romantic or adventurous?

The first step is to mutually narrow done on the type of holiday you both prefer. Do you like the beach, the hills, a honeymoon on the cruise or something more adventurous? Based on your preferences, make a list of the countries/cities that can offer you all of these.


1 honeymoon planning tips

2. Break it down further

Do a quick read up about the cities/countries you’ve listed and strike off the ones that interest you. Visas might be an issue for some, a few might be super-expensive, you might have visited them before or they might not even fall under your desired experience checklist. Strike them off so you’re just left with a handful of them.


3. Number of days?

Now this plays a very important role while choosing your destination. If a week is all you have, you may want to chuck places too far off to avoid long flying hours. Whereas, if 15-20 days is what you’re looking at then you might as well do a multi-country tour of Europe (provided that’s within your budget, of course)!

3 honeymoon planning tips


4. Set a budget

Now that you have a fair idea of your travel dates and a handful of countries you may want to visit, it’s time to set a budget. Check out the air fare, read up online about how expensive holidaying in a certain place is and chart out a rough budget for the trip. Once you have a figure in mind, zeroing in on the destination becomes a lot easier.

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5. Book in advance

Now everyone knows this. The earlier you book, the cheaper the flight tickets and hotel room rates. Also, a great tip is to visit popular holiday destinations during the off season, you really can save a whole lot! Booking your tickets in advance also ensures that you don’t feel the entire load at the same time. Ideally, for a honeymoon abroad, you should’ve booked your ticket at least 4-5 months in advance. If you’re travelling within the country, finish your booking at least 2 months before.

5 honeymoon planning tips


6. Packaged deal? Be very, very sure!

While packaged deals do turn out to be cheaper, do make sure that the package is flexible. You’re on your honeymoon! You may not want to sign up for a sightseeing tour or you may not want to be travelling in a group. Make sure you have the freedom to tweak your plans and timelines.

7. Tell the world that it’s your honeymoon!

From packaged deals to hotel bookings, shout it out because everyone has a special deal for just-married couples. From discounts to a free spa, wine and chocolates on arrival to an upgrade to a suite, the travel and hotel industry sure knows how to spoil their honeymooning couples.


7 honeymoon planning tips

8. Hotel booking checklist

Where you stay on your honeymoon is of prime importance and all the choices are sure to confuse you. Pick a hotel based on your broad itinerary. It might be useless spending a bomb on a luxury property if you both plan to spend maximum time exploring the city. On the other hand, if relaxation is what you’re looking for then a beautiful sea-facing room with a private pool totally makes sense.


9. Real people reviews

Fancy websites and exotic galleries can be a little bit misleading. Reviews from the community of travellers is our safest bet. And what better than TripAdvisor for this! Just make sure to skim through the latest reviews. A 2-year-old review may not hold true any more. Also, it’s always better to go through pictures uploaded by the travellers than by the management. Why have unnecessary high expectations?!

9 honeymoon planning tips


10. Pack right

You’ve probably heard it time and again – pack light! And weather appropriate. Say no to excess baggage as it really is not a great idea to travel with so many bags. A great camera, selfie stick and an extra memory card is an absolute must.

11. A surprise awaits

Lastly, no matter where you go, do plan a sweet surprise for your hubby. A bouquet of roses as you check into the hotel, a small little gift to say ‘I love you’ or a night full of love and pleasure. He deserves it!


11 honeymoon planning tips

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30 May 2016
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