Colour Me Pretty: Hina Khan’s Pink Eyeliner Will Inspire You To Ditch The Classic Black

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 14, 2021
Colour Me Pretty: Hina Khan’s Pink Eyeliner Will Inspire You To Ditch The Classic Black


It’s 2021, and colour dominated beauty trends are making rounds. Trends so good that even our favourite movie and TV stars can’t resist. Imagine our surprise when we spotted one of the GenZ approved eyeliner trends on people’s favourite Bigg Boss champion! That’s right, Hina Khan shared a snap of her fun makeup on the ‘gram that left us all gasping. While swiping across her carousel of 8 pictures, we found our eyes admiring her makeup from all the different angles. If you are as taken from her makeup as we are, we have good news for you – you can recreate this trendy makeup too! Giving your eyeliner the spotlight of your entire makeup is super big in the beauty trend industry, and here’s how you can ace this look yourself.

Confidance Level: Pink Eyeliner & Bold Lipstick


Step 1: Prep Your Base Right

For the first step, prep your skin with a poreless finish primer for a smooth makeup application. Apply your preferred foundation and blend it seamlessly with a beauty blender or a makeup brush. Conceal your problem areas like blemishes, scars or discolouration with a true tone concealer. Set your makeup base with a translucent setting powder.

Step 2: Start Lining

Hina has opted for a poppy pink liner for this makeup look. But if you don’t have a pink liner, fret not. We have an easy DIY for this as well. Grab an eyeshadow palette that includes a pigmented shade of bright pink. Take a flatlined eyeliner brush and wet it with a setting spray. Spray once on your eyeshadow pan too, and start dipping in. Voila! You have your pink liner. Now, carefully line your eyes with this pink pigment and make your eyes the showstopper of your whole look.

Step 3: A Dash Of Blush

Pick a blush that matches your skin’s undertones, and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Blend well to avoid leaving harsh marks.

Step 4: Grab Your Favourite Lippie

The last step requires you to go to town with your favourite lipstick. For a precise application, line your lips with a lip liner, to begin with. Then gently fill in your lips with lipstick. This can help your lips look fuller, and avoids unnecessary goof ups. But if you did make a mistake, use concealer to perfect it, simple!

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