Cream Blushes Are Everywhere Right Now And Here Are Our Faves

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Oct 13, 2021
Cream Blushes Are Everywhere Right Now And Here Are Our Faves


Have you watched those interview videos on YouTube that ask the person being interviewed about what’s in their bag? Hell, this was even a YouTube challenge on its own sometime in late 2015. Neither am I a YouTuber, nor a celebrity, but I often find myself promptly going through my bag and cleaning it as if someone with a camera is going to jump me and I’ll have to cry-show them the embarrassing amounts of tissue and gum that have made a home in my tote.

While the 2021 version of the ‘what’s in my bag’ trend has culminated in the ‘hot girl tote bag’ trend, cream blushes still dominate my makeup essentials (and by the looks of it, many more hot girls’ tote bags). If you’re wondering about the sudden inflation of cream blushes in the makeup trends, let us break it down for you. With the gradual yet prominent rise for the liking of skin-like makeup or dewy makeup looks, your trusty powder-based makeup products have been replaced by cream, gel and liquid textures. These textures provide your makeup look with a much more natural and dewy finish. Plus, they are easy to blend, build, and provide extra room for mistakes.

Blush Babe Alert

So if you’ve decided to make the final switch to cream blushes, you don’t have to rattle the gates of online makeup stores or blogs for reviews, for we have here, a specially curated list of cream blushes that are widely loved for all the right reasons.

The LUXE Of Our Lives

If you want to experience true luxury, get yourself this M.A.C blush. Its smooth texture almost melts with your skin to give you the most seamless finish ever. It gives your makeup look a very subtle and natural flush of colour, and is perfect for everyday use.

A Blush Bomb

This cream blush comes in a tube and has a bit of a runny consistency. Its texture allows the blush to be extra pigmented. When using the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Colour Drops, you can build and layer it to your liking.

The Dreamiest Texture To Work With

This creamy blush by Forest Essentials has a perfect consistency – it’s neither too runny nor too stiff. This beautiful texture makes it very easy to blend, build and layer. It delivers a dewy finish that makes your skin look naturally glowy.

A Pot Full Of Sunshine

This cream blush is the perfect match for you if you’re a fan of the pinched-cheeks looks. It delivers a smooth, satiny finish on the skin, which is perfect for all kinds of no-makeup makeup looks. Did we mention that it blends like a dream too? This cream blush is a must-have.

When You’re In The Mood For Something Playful

Anything that can come in a tiny pot is guaranteed fun. Available in a variety of shades, this cream blush comes with a richly pigmented formula that can be layered for desired intensity. It can also be used on your lips and can be applied with a brush applicator, sponge applicator, or even your fingers.

Love In A Stick

If you’re a late lateef who always has to put their makeup on in the cab, this blush stick is a super convenient way for you to ace that flushed glow on the go!

If you’re someone who cannot break their addiction to powder blushes, fret not! Our fav powder blush will most definitely have you swooned!

Which cream blush will be making its way to your shopping cart?

Featured Image: Pexels