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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 38: Urvashi And Deepak Turn Against Each Other

Niyati BudhirajaNiyati Budhiraja  |  Oct 24, 2018
Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 38: Urvashi And Deepak Turn Against Each Other

I have been fighting for the remote to watch Bigg Boss with my parents for over six weeks now because I religiously follow the game show. From people going on dates, getting eliminated, running into pointless tussles to getting into physical fights, I have experienced the journey along with the contestants in the house. But somehow, I keep getting surprised by every episode. I am yet to understand who is on whose side and who is playing a game against whom.

I have noticed that tasks change people. Contestants get competitive and their bonds with fellow inmates suffer.

The captaincy task in the Bigg Boss house has caused a rift between many contestants. Friends are now foes and acquaintances are now thick as thieves. In case you missed out on all the drama and what turned Urvashi and Deepak against each other, we have the highlights for you from Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 38.

1. Suspicious Somi

Somi and Srishty were sitting together when suddenly Somi whispered to Srishty that she feels that Deepak has been eyeing her a lot. Although she knows he’s not a bad person but she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t know what’s in his heart. To this, Srishty said that it is possible that he likes her. Somi got weirded out by that.

2. Urvashi Turns Against Deepak

Dipika and Urvashi were seen having an intense conversation regarding the captaincy task. Dipika told Urvashi that Deepak says she’s a weak contestant and that’s why he didn’t support her the day before. Urvashi felt heartbroken and told Dipika that’ll she up her game, win the captaincy task and stand against Deepak because they might have entered the house as a couple but now there are enemies.

3. Deepak Gives Urvashi A Piece Of His Mind

Deepak went to Urvashi when he saw her crying and sat her down. He explained to her that she should talk to everyone if she wants to become the captain. He also informed her that he tried to convince Rohit, Saba, Somi to support her. To this, Urvashi questioned him by asking why didn’t he or the Khan sisters not come to support her earlier? Deepak reiterated that he feels Urvashi needs to make proper relations with all if she wants to become the captain and be safe.

4. Romil Defends Deepak

After trying hard to make Urvashi understand and seeing her retaliate, Deepak lost his cool. He threw her sipper on the floor in anger and it broke. Urvashi started yelling at him. This is when Romil stepped in and said that Sreesanth has also destroyed Bigg Boss property, so Deepak isn’t at fault. Karanvir stepped in and said, Deepak cannot behave like this. That’s when Romil charged at him and said that if Deepak is wrong then Sreesanth is wrong, too. Sreesanth joined the argument and told Romil that he broke his own sipper. To this, Romil said that Sreesanth was invisible for him and he acts like an aunty.

5. Karanvir Is A Lone Ranger

Megha decided to support Karanvir as he was the only one left from their team. Karanvir thanked her and took all the eggs from her rack. Deepak and Surbhi came too attack him and steal the eggs from him. He defended himself alone as no one from his team came to support him.

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