Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 30: Sreesanth Threatens To Leave The House Again!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 30: Sreesanth Threatens To Leave The House Again!

Bigg Boss Season 12 has reached episode 30 and somehow the fights and the arguments still remain the same with the exact same people. And of course, not forgetting Sreesanth’s number 152738292 attempt to escape the house. However, this time it seemed more of a threat.

Well, if you missed out on the last night's episode and all the masala, we’ve got all the scoop for you!

1. Confrontation time! Anup ji confronts Jasleen about the massage incident with Sourabh.

2. Anup ji thinks it gave the wrong impression. Lol. 

3. Sreesanth gives Srishti a pep talk. Look who's talking, right? 

4. Jasleen reassures Anup ji that there’s nothing between her and Sourabh. Did he not watch everything on that TV?                                                  

5. Dipika has tactics? Say what? Sreesanth tells Karanvir, and Karanvir gets aggravated, but Sree tells him to calm down.

6. Somi, Deepak and Romil are on Sourabh’s side on the Jasleen situation, not Anup ji’s.

7. Dipika and Sree get in a tuff as Dipika justifies her actions.

8. Dipika is crying now. Man, these actresses have too many tears to shed.

9. Karanvir and Srishti start strategising as to how to gain votes. They also talk about Dipika's strategies.

10. Rise and shine, everybody.

11. Everyone gets a childhood flashback with the song Lakdi Ki Kathi.

12. Dipika gets the kitchen duties again?                                                                                       

13. The luxury task begins! Deepak and Dipika are the ghoda gaadi wale and the rest of the housemates are their horses. The gharwales have to set up a treadmill and carts filled with carrots tied to it. Deepak and Dipika have to convince the contestants to run for them. Whoever covers the maximum distance, wins. 

14. Dipika approaches Sreesanth to join her team and he says no. He tells her she will waste her carrots, which is used as currency, on him. 

15. Karanvir goes first.

16. Surbhi swiftly takes over after Karanvir. Woah, she's fast!

17. Deepak gets into an argument with Surbhi about Dipika. We all saw that coming!

18. Srishty and Karanvir hide carrots. 

19. While Srishty distracts Dipika just when Jasleen and Saba start to steal carrots from her cart. Vicious!

20. Sreesanth and Romil get into a heated argument again. Oh no!

21. Sreesanth threatens to leave the house again. What is wrong with him? Bigg Boss Bula lo is ko bahar


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