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Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 37: Dipika And Surbhi Get Physical During The Task!

Bigg Boss Season 12 Episode 37: Dipika And Surbhi Get Physical During The Task!

The whole vibe of the house has changed ever since Bigg Boss surprised the contestants by letting in two wildcard entries - TV actor Rohit Suchanti and Marathi Bigg Boss winner Megha Dadhe - in the house.

Now that everyone is playing for themselves and there are no jodis, fights have become uglier. Deepak has claimed that he will play only for himself and will stand against Urvashi, if need be.

Yesterday's episode saw a massive physical fight between Dipika and Surbhi during the luxury budget task. In case you missed out on who picked a fight with whom and who all cried in the house, we have the highlights for you. Read on and stay tuned!

1. The Case Of The Middle Finger

Deepak and Karanvir were seen having a detailed conversation about Sreesanth and his unpardonable behaviour in the house. Deepak told Karanvir that Sreesanth shouldn't have shown a middle finger to Surbhi and the Khan sisters. Sreesanth overheard this conversation and stepped in. He defended himself by saying that he was licking his finger and showing it to anyone. Deepak was taken aback with how Sreesanth was lying to his face. And then the two ended up in a verbal spat.

2. Dipika And Surbhi Get Physical During The Luxury Budget Task

The contestants were divided into two teams. One group were assigned to be the poultry farmers and another group played the shopkeepers. As a part of the task, an artificial hen was placed in the garden area which gave eggs at regular intervals and the poultry farmers had to fetch eggs and sell it to the shopkeepers Karanvir and Megha, who were also the sanchalaks of the task. Dipika tried to run with the egg. Surbhi tried to take it from her but Dipika pushed her away. Dipika and Surbhi got into a fight as Dipika alleged that Surbhi tried to hold her by her neck. Karanvir and Megha disqualify Dipika and Surbhi for getting physical.

3. Bigg Boss Slams Karanvir And Megha For Disqualifying Dipika And Surbhi

Bigg Boss asked Karanvir and Megha to come to the confession room and justify why they disqualified Dipika and Surabhi as per their whims and fancies because they had no right to do that. Bigg Boss asked them to put both the ladies back in the game.

4. Srishty Breakdown Because Of Her Fallout With Sreesanth

Sreesanth told Srishty to not block Jasleen during the luxury budget task and Srishty felt bad. Later she started crying because Sreesanth took Jasleen's side even though they share a great camaraderie and she considers him as her elder brother. Sreesanth defended himself by saying that Srishty was at fault and he doesn't think that he said anything wrong. To this, Srishty said that Sreesanth has patched up with Dipika ever since he has come back to the Bigg Boss house and he has completely forgotten Srishty. She added that she wants him to not pit against her and favour Jasleen.

5. Khans Sisters Target Urvashi

Saba told Urvashi that Karanvir is playing a game and he wants to look like a saint on camera by nominating Urvashi to become the captain of the house. To this Urvashi said that she knows for a fact that Saba will only support her sister Somi so there's no point in seeking her support anyway. The Khan sisters snapped at Urvashi for trying to teach them how to play and whom to support. Urvashi started crying!


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