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Here Is Why We Believe Karan Kundrra Is The BB Mastermind We Had All Been Waiting For

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 8, 2021


Bigg Boss 15 has just started with a houseful of 16 contestants and chances are that you might be finding it a little hard to remember all the names and faces. Honestly, same! That said, there are a handful of contestants who have managed to shine through the crowd and Karan Kundrra is surely one of them. Since Day 1 in the Bigg Boss 15 house, the MTV Love School star has been making his presence felt with his game face on. It is not often that we see a Bigg Boss contestant as sorted in his head as Karan. A seasoned reality show veteran, he has brought his flawless game to the Bigg Boss house and here’s why we feel that Karan is one of the strongest BB players to date:

Saying It As It Is


In the past week, we haven’t seen Karan mincing his words even once. He does not give two hoots about what others have to say but is still considerate, says exactly what’s on his mind, and has us amazed with his honesty. Last night during the task when Pratik asked him the reason behind taking his luggage, Karan retorted very matter of factly “‘Coz we want to give you a hard time.” This kind of honesty in the Bigg Boss house? We stan!

Karan Kundrra Is The Mastermind That We Had Been Waiting For


Karan is super sorted in his head. He knows that he is here for the kill and might have to endure some ordeals on the way. With his eyes on the prize, Karan is looking at the bigger picture here. In last night’s episode, he made a foolproof plan to sow discord among the gharwalas and executed it effortlessly. He knew exactly how it was going to pan out and was super chilled as he went about it. It is rather commendable to see that it has taken Karan less than a week to decode his fellow contestants and figure out how exactly they are going to react in a given situation. To date, we have seen only Vikas Gupta having a grasp this strong on the game. That said, Karan has an added advantage too. He is a megastar and admiringly level-headed. It is not easy to ruffle his feathers which is going to make it all the more difficult for his co-contestants. Needless to say, it is a winning combination and we definitely look forward to his BB innings.

Rest assured, this one is here to stay but you already know that! What do you think fam–is Karan Kundrra going to win Bigg Boss 15?

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