Karan Kundra and Ex GF Anusha Dandekar To Stay Together In BB 15? Here’s Everything We Know

ShivaniShivani  |  Oct 5, 2021
Karan Kundra and Ex GF Anusha Dandekar To Stay Together In BB 15? Here’s Everything We Know


Once upon a time Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar were considered to be the hottest couple in the telly world. Sadly, the two called it quits in January 2021 and since then everyone has been wondering if they will ever patch things up. Well, there might be a teeny-tiny hope that Karan and Anusha might share screen space again.

Recently, Karan made his way to Bigg Boss 15‘s house and talked about the possibility of living with Anusha under the same roof. He told a leading daily, “I have no problem with it. In fact, hum saath mein rahe hain (we have lived together). I know her very well.”

Though Anusha has never been associated with the show, after Karan’s statement we wonder if things might change anytime soon. After all, this won’t be the first time that exes will be staying together in BB house! Remember Shefali Zariwala and Sidharth Shukla, Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli, Rajeev and Delnaaz Paul?

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Coming back to Karan, the actor has no plans to get involved with anyone in the house. He shared, “I have done enough shows to realise that it is a situation, which prompts you to take an emotional decision. I don’t want to make a decision like that. I would myself advise people to take decisions wisely because kal ye show khatam hoga tumhare paas tumhare phones wapas aayenge tumhari baahar ki duniya wapas aa jaayegi, abhi kya hai tumhari duniya ye paanch log hain (tomorrow this show will end, you will get your phone back, you will be back in the outside world. What is there not your world is limited to these five people) your mind is playing games.”

The actor didn’t discard the idea right away and added that if he finds a mature person and forms a connection then things might be different. He was quoted as, “Even if something happens, it will depend on how mature the other person is.”

It will be quite interesting to see if Anusha enters the house! And if that happens, it will certainly turn into a chatpata season.