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Shame! Pratik Sehajpal Just Proved That He Can Stoop To The Lowest Lows To Win A Task

We have asked this before and we are gonna ask this again–what is the matter with Pratik Sehajpal? Whatever he has done in Bigg Boss OTT and continues to do in BB 15 house is definitely a cry for attention. But at what cost? Since his entry in the Bigg Boss verse, Pratik’s modus operandi has been easy to decode–do whatever it takes to get that camera footage. Is it a good strategy? We’d say no! Does it seem to work for Pratik? Well, going by the amount of bhaav he is getting by BB editors in every episode, we’d have to say yes. That said, whatever he is doing in the BB 15 house is truly getting out of control now and Pratik’s aggression just crossed all limits.

As you might be aware, the junglewalas and gharwalas are currently locking horns over the map task and Pratik is on the mission to destroy it. He has been constantly after the maps and has even broken BB property in the wake. In last night’s episode, he could be seen trying to unbolt the bathroom latch so as to attain the map. However, his plan was thwarted after Karan Kundra intervened and Shamita ended up giving one part of the map to the opposite team. Well, this is not to say that Mr. Pratik gave up on his grand mission and well, he actually ended up breaking the latch last night. However, in the heat of the moment, he did not realise that Vidhi Pandya was taking a shower in the same bathroom. She confronted Pratik about his act the instant she came out and told everyone what exactly had happened.


“Why would you do this when someone is taking a bath,” Vidhi asked while Pratik stood there with his unapologetic face. Tejasswi Prakash then interfered by saying that she understands that his intentions weren’t wrong but it is still scary to witness things like that in the BB house. Karan Kundra also got furious at his antics and called him out for his Pratik-mode that has been going on non-stop since day 1.


Sadly (but not unsurprisingly), Pratik did not show an iota of remorse even after being called out by everyone in the house and simply replied by saying, “I don’t care koi andar ho na ho.” But he did not stop just there and went on saying something as absurd as how he would not mind if somebody did something similar to his sister given that he did not have any wrong intentions.

We can not help but wonder if apologising to Vidhi instead of acting like an absolute nincompoop was actually that difficult a task! Also, for everyone supporting Pratik on social media, the problem is not with his intent. The problem is that he can go to any extent to win a task or prove his point, which is definitely scary for people who have to live with him in the same house. Okay, he did not intend to do anything wrong to Vidhi but he still broke the bathroom door while she was taking a shower with hundreds of cameras outside, right? How can this be justified?

But then again, that is Pratik Sehajpal for you! Seriously man, what on Earth is wrong with you? Here’s hoping that he gets an earful by Salman Khan in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Oct 2021

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